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Have you ever walked into a store or a car dealership and felt a wave of confidence and relief when you were helped by someone who was not just a salesperson, but a true expert and professional?

Someone who has made it their career to understand the different features and who cared enough to listen to your specific needs and was patient enough to make sure you got exactly what you wanted and knew how to use it.

It’s the difference between signing up to be a Coach and being so ambitious about how you help customers get results that you invest time and resources to become a true master of the craft.

That’s the promise of becoming an Ultimate Portion Fix Certified Master Coach: Your customers want more than a salesperson and cheerleader.

They want the confidence of knowing they’re following the program the way it was designed.

And if they doubt whether the program will work for them, they need proper guidance and reassurance from someone who has both experienced their own success and also knows how unique every person’s journey can be.

That’s the power of being a Certified Master Coach.

Getting certified in Ultimate Portion Fix will help you attract challengers who are serious about results because they want to work with the best — a Coach who has been through a deep dive into the program and who will manage a group that supports them through their healthy weight-loss journey.

As an Ultimate Portion Fix Certified Master Coach, you’ll not only master your own results to lose weight and keep it off, but you will run Challenge Groups that help others overcome their biggest obstacle: eating habits that have undermined their success for years.

With your help, they’ll have the confidence to commit fully to a program — and get lasting results.

And that’s what leads to not only healthy results but also a very healthy coaching business.

What Is Ultimate Portion Fix Certification?

Taught by Autumn Calabrese herself, you’ll understand more than just how her portion-control container system works. She’ll also explain WHY it’s been so effective at helping so many people take control of their nutrition and why others struggle.

You’ll get simple tools to help people keep their commitment to and love for their journey rather than fighting it.

And because of this experience, you can reach even more customers and help more challengers get the results they really want.

Nothing attracts more customers every single month than last month’s customers’ stunning results. That’s why getting certified is so valuable.

You’ll go deep into the principles of Ultimate Portion Fix that Autumn and the team have refined over five years of experience and feedback.

You’ll have the knowledge and power to help anyone — from individuals looking for the one approach that will work to entire families looking for a better solution than “because I said so” to help the kids eat better.

Ultimate Portion Fix Certification will help you grow your Coach business, run a better Challenge Group experience, and have an in-depth understanding of why the program works, so you can mentor people every step of the way.

But it’s not just a deep dive into how the portion-control containers work. It’s a broader understanding of why you and your prospects NEED this program.

Covering topics ranging from serving sizes that are out of control to sugar addiction and emotional eating, Ultimate Portion Fix Certification will help you be a better Coach.

The program also shows you how to use this knowledge to attract more customers and build bigger groups with social media tools and real examples specific to nutrition and the color-coded container system.

This is an investment that can pay REAL dividends.

What Do You Get With Ultimate Portion Fix Certification?

Your customers need more than just nutritional information. They need guidance, accountability, and CONFIDENCE that they made the right decision in choosing a program that will (finally!) work for them.

That’s why becoming an Ultimate Portion Fix Certified Master Coach will help transform your approach to the business.

You’ve never felt more confident than when you are a true expert. You’ll get:

 30+ step-by-step videos presented beside each module of the consumer program so you have a deeper understanding of the nuances of the program, to help you implement it in your groups.
A calendar that guides you through watching the consumer and certification videos together.
Program worksheets to help you put your learning into practice to build Challenge Groups and retain customers.
Social media insights, tips, examples, and strategies for maximizing your posts and outreach (this is a total game-changer).
Sample daily posts and topic ideas to help keep your challengers engaged throughout the 30-day program.
Insights on how to improve your prospecting, retention, and new Coach recruiting.
Marketing materials to help better promote your Challenge Groups.
Your first 30 days of an ongoing, monthly subscription to Master Series, starting April 1, to give you the very latest examples of how to get the most from the business.

After you complete the certification course materials and pass the multiple choice exam, you’ll receive your Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach certificate and eBadge to show your prospects they are choosing to work with someone with advanced knowledge of the program and how to get the most out of it!

And as always, your Ultimate Portion Fix Certification comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Purchase Ultimate Portion Fix Certification and we’ll include your first 30 days of Master Series.

Maximize your Challenge Groups with Ultimate Portion Fix Master Series — exclusive monthly content that provides ongoing education, support, and the latest strategies for success for Certified Master Coaches.

Nutrition is a moving target. It changes with the seasons, and there are new findings, new fads, and new questions that need to be answered all the time.

That’s why we give you access to the Ultimate Portion Fix Master Series to use after you enroll in Certification.

You’ll get exclusive early releases of Fixate recipe videos; the latest nutrition news and recruiting tips directly from Autumn; up-to-the-minute social media strategies to stay ahead of the trends; business-building, brand-creating tactics that really work; and exclusive access to other Master Coaches.

Master Series is designed to help you maximize your ability to attract new customers and help them get great results… and that’s a business that will set you apart.

To be even more specific, our goal is to help you enroll at least 10 new people in an Ultimate Portion Fix group every month, and retain those customers longer.

With the monthly subscription to Master Series, you get:

Access to exclusive monthly program content, tools, and insights.
Exclusive content from Autumn, including recent Q&As that will help you be the expert your group expects.
New FIXATE cooking videos before they’re released to your customers.
Proven business tactics that help make creating and filling groups each month easier and more effective.
Understanding of how to implement Ultimate Portion Fix with the latest Beachbody product releases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultimate Portion Fix Certification
Who can get certified in Ultimate Portion Fix?

Ultimate Portion Fix Certification and Master Series are only available to Team Beachbody Coaches. You must also purchase the Ultimate Portion Fix program because it’s essential to understand the program and its content first.

How will people know I’m a Certified Master Coach?

When you pass the Ultimate Portion Fix Certification exam you’ll get a certificate and eBadge that identify you as an Ultimate Portion Fix Certified Master Coach.

How much is Master Series?

Master Series is a $19.95 monthly subscription membership. You’ll get new content every month to help you max out your Challenge Groups and become a better leader, plus exclusive access to Autumn that you can’t get anywhere else.

You can cancel your Master Series subscription at any time.

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