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THIS Will Completely Change Social Media Marketing in 2022 (If It Hasn’t Already…)

Something is about to change in social media. Are you ready for it? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and this will completely change social media marketing in 2022 if it already hasn’t.


Lots of companies couldn’t rely on foot traffic anymore to generate revenue because of the lockdowns and social distancing. This led to a huge explosion and demand for digital marketing and social media is one of the best channels for businesses to leverage.

Sprout’s Social’s 2021 index found that nine out of 10 consumers will buy from brands that they follow on social. 86% will choose that brand over a competitor and 85% will buy from that brand more often. So our competition is expected to grow, so as consumers willing to use this marketing channel to make buying decisions.

You can expect social media to get even more competitive over the coming year. And as companies start getting better and more competitive in social media marketing, you’ll have to compete for attention far more than before. So here are some things that you can do to compete on a level playing field.

According to Sprout Social, there are a few key factors that’ll differentiate you from your competition.

The first one is, to respond to customer service questions in a timely manner. You need to demonstrate responsiveness and answer the customers in a timely fashion.

Next, demonstrate an understanding of what they want and need. So what do people want and need? And as you go about creating content, you should keep customers in mind because it’s all about servicing them and providing stuff for them.

A good way to measure this is by looking at different content pieces and seeing which one gets the most engagement. Whether it’s the format, the message type itself, the content type, whether it’s video or text, it’s always good to see what stands out and gets more engagement. As you discover the types of content that tend to perform well, just do more of them.

Next, I want you to create more culturally relevant content. Today, we can see more and more brands creating content around cultural events that mobilized people’s attention like Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement, and even some mainstream sports events like the Olympics.

You should be listening to what’s drawing your audience’s attention and create content that resonates with those topics. That includes putting out user-generated content because user-generated content is amazing. Do you want to spend all your time sitting in front of a keyboard writing content when other people can do it for you? That’s the example of user-generated content. I also want you to create educational content about the products or services that you’re offering. This is where this is the difference between selling and showing up. Look selling is great, but you want to show up and have that generate sales for you. When it’s about your product, it shouldn’t just be about, hey, let me go and sell this. It should be about educating and putting things first for others.

So it’s like, you want to tell people, hey, engage with me. Just like, I’ll tell you right now, check out my profiles. My Neil Patel ones on Instagram, my NP digital ones. And this is obvious, but when you tell other people to engage with you and brands forget to do this, you’ll get way more engagement from your audience.

And you should be actively engaging with them by answering their comments, their questions, even looking at their profiles and responding and engaging their webs on Instagram or Facebook, or even adding stories or tagging people. This will all help you do better.

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