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This Social Network’s Organic Reach Will Drop Dramatically in 2020 – Here’s Why

This Social Network’s Organic Reach Will Drop Dramatically in 2020 – Here’s Why | Business owners and publishers watched their Facebook pages organic reach die since 2014. And now it’s ridiculously low, but there’s another social network that’s already started to decrease their organic reach too and it’s going to start drastically dropping in 2020. Today I’m going to break down the social network that’s going to have a huge drop in organic reach in 2020 and what you can do to fix this.

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So you’re probably wondering what that social network is, it’s Instagram and don’t worry, as I mentioned I’ll teach you how to combat this so that way you can get the reach, but let’s go over some data before we get into that.

There’s over 500 million accounts using Instagram stories everyday, a billion plus Instagram accounts worldwide that are active every single month.

Instagram is the second most engaged social network according to eMarketer, now there’ll be more and more content competing for news feeds in this space, right, as more and more people on Instagram, more people that are competing. The Instagram community has grown from 90 million active users in January 2013 to over a billion active users of June 2018.

And Instagram’s projected to grow more slowly in the next few years, from 13.1 percent growth in 2018 to 4 percent in 2022, which means competition will get tougher and tougher. There’s just simply too much content being pushed on Instagram, making it really tough for your content to be seen.

Well the first thing you want to do, is playing with paid ads.

The reason you want to play with paid ads, is not because you need to spend money on Instagram to have that grow, you want to play with paid ads, because of how quickly help boost the stuff that’s working, so that way it gets more reach, you’re engaged more with your audience, you’ll breath more life into them and with the algorithm they’re going to be like, oh so and so is interacting and engaging with Neil’s content Jon’s content or your content.

The next thing I want you to do, is you live every single day, I know that sounds crazy, but the really big on live, if you bust out your phone and you’re leveraging live every single day, and interacting with your audience, you’ll find, that more of them are going to see your organic content when ever you post.

Next, you to start engaging with the community through comments. So, when they leave a comment, you should leave a comment responding back to them, when they have a question, you should answer and be thorough, not a simple yes or no or thank you, the more detailed you get, the better off your are.

Next, you need to keep testing the content type that’s working, if you look right now, what you’ll find on my Neil Patel profile, is a really small image of me with a blue verified check and a big quote, is working really well, versus when I put big images of me with a quote, I’m not getting as many likes and shares and engagement.

Next, I want you to start responding to everyone, who messages you directly, so Instagram has a mailbox feature which people can send direct messages to you.

Whether they are follower or not, I want you to start responding to everyone, engage with them, because if you do that, it shows that you care, you’re going to have a much more loyal fan base, they’re going to go to your profile directly even if they don’t see it in the feed, and start engaging, so that way as you post more content, Instagram will show it in their feed, because you have all this engagement and you’re going to get much more organic growth.

Now last but not least, I want you to start partnering with other Instagram influencers, they don’t have to have a ton more followers and million, they could have roughly the same, amount as you, start creating video content together, start doing co-production of content and they post it on their profile, you post it on your profile, so even if you’re not getting as much organic reach, it’s now going on multiple pages, which, or multiple profiles, which is going to help with more people seeing you and that should help with your sales, traffic revenue and overall branding.

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