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The US military admits to killing 2 civilians in Somalia and says it’s launching a website to report future allegations of innocent death

2020 03 13T184808Z_1954727759_RC26JF9YGIF7_RTRMADP_3_SOMALIA AIRSTRIKES.JPGREUTERS/Feisal Omar

The US military said Monday that a February 2019 airstrike in Somalia had killed two civilians. It originally claimed the only victims had been “terrorists.”
US Africa Command also announced it is creating a website to report allegations of civilian deaths.
Amnesty International says at least 21 civilians have been killed by US military operations in Somalia since 2017.
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Soon, Somali citizens — at least those with an internet connection in one of the world’s least-online nations — will be able to use a new website to report allegations that civilians were killed in US airstrikes directly to the US military.

The news, announced Monday, comes amid charges that US airstrikes in Somalia, which have been ongoing since the presidency of George W. Bush, have been killing civilians at an increasing rate under President Donald Trump, who has dramatically escalated the US bombing campaign. Soon after taking office, Trump also loosened protections aimed at limiting so-called “collateral damage.”See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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