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The Power of Social Media and Impact of Technology on Online Business Campaign

Information Technology Blog – The Power of Social Media and Impact of Technology on Online Business Campaign – Information Technology Blog

Small business marketing has a lot of differences in comparison with large or medium business marketing. Generally, small business owners do not like to invest a lump sum for business marketing judging the possible risk factors. In the last few years, we have observed that small business owners are mostly opting for online based business marketing or web marketing. The reason is plain and simple – it is cost-effective. However, after hitting by the latest Google updates, the trend of online marketing is getting changed drastically. Hence, it is evident that the upcoming days will experience some newest marketing trends for small businesses.

When it comes to small business marketing, we still cannot ignore the importance of internet based marketing. The present time is leaving new footmarks for the webmasters or small business owners in the domain of online-based marketing. Here are some of the latest trends that you may observe these days in small business marketing:

Power of Social Media – Get More Socialized

A few years earlier, no one imagined that social media could create such buzz that it is producing today. With the massive changes in Google’s algorithm or Google Hummingbird Update, things have changed quite drastically. Traditional article marketing, guest posting, and other orthodox SEO methods have lost their charms, while social media has been able to stand out successfully.

As the social media platform has clinched more importance, social media marketing trend for small businesses is also changing. Today, companies are putting more stress upon getting connected with the customers directly rather than just having its silent presence. The number of fans or followers and interactive posts matter a lot in the case of social media marketing. In coming years, social media is gearing up to play a more significant role in small business marketing. Hence, this is the right time to ponder upon social media marketing – get as much as organic fans or followers as possible.

Use Mobile for Instagram Marketing

Even a novice business person can say that Smartphone is essential in today’s business scenario. There is absolutely no way of surpassing the value of mobile marketing. In recent studies, it has been found that irrespective of age and financial background, more and more people are now using Smartphone devices to access web-based data. Hence, it is crucial for the small businesses to take fruitful advantages of this situation.

To grab Smartphone device users’ attention, responsive websites are getting produced. That is nothing but scalable website interface that suits different kinds of web visitors. So, it is the prime time to make a business-friendlier for the smart devices.

Sharing Videos on Instagram

Online video streaming is getting popular these days, and small business owners are using the video as a tool for their business marketing. Google has become friendlier for video searches. Thus, business houses can take this opportunity to express more about their businesses before the potential clients or customers. Make business presentations, product demonstrations, etc. in video formats and let the whole world to know about your business or your products or services.

Impact of Technological Changes on Business Marketing

Today’s world is technology driven. We cannot even imagine a world without technologies or technological devices around us. From the invention of fire or first stone wheels, technology has marched past a long distance. Eventually, today, we are not driving technology instead technology is driving us. Recently many technology research organizations have carried out some interesting technological surveys. According to the studies, there are a few technological trends that will set a new milestone in the upcoming days.

Mobile Apps and Web Applications

Mobile apps have already shown their impact on current human civilization and according to the experts; mobile apps will play more prominent roles. The improved JavaScript performance will lead the browser-based as well as HTML 5 based application development environment to a greater extent. Nowadays, mobile-based apps and web applications have gained popularity amongst business enterprises and tech-savvy people.

The experts or tech-gurus also predict that mobile apps will shrink down to serve more specified tasks. Developers will focus on producing more target oriented and action driven applications in forthcoming days.

Mobile Device Diversity

With the growing use of them, mobile devices are considered to be more diversified with the advent of time. Mobile device diversification will reach a new height. Right now, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the latest technological trend that is slowly creeping in. No matter small or large, business houses are looking forward to cutting their basic infrastructure cost with the practical introduction of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

The advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has two distinct advantages. The first one is the cost-effectiveness of the business houses. Secondly, it can prove to be highly productive as employees will get more personalized working platforms. To know about mobile-based business marketing via Instagram, you can check IGERSLIKE.

SDx – Software Defined Anything

After Software Defined Networking (SDN), the present time is trending towards Software Defined Anything (SDx). It has been defined as the movement towards the more significant role of software systems in controlling various kinds of hardware units. In other words, it means making the software more commendable that relying upon the hardware systems. That is undoubtedly revolutionary progress of technology, where more significant control of devices directly comes at users’ hands through the software implementations.

Internet of Everything

‘Internet of Everything’ is another popular technological trend. After internet supported TV sets, it is the time to countdown the introduction of internet-based appliances, cars, etc. All these equipment will feature their unique IP addresses – such a thing was unimaginable even a couple of years earlier.

The advent of Smart Devices

After Apple’s revolutionary Smartphone launch, things around us have changed quite dramatically. After Smartphone, we have experienced the arrival of smart computers, tablets, and watches. Now, the current year is all set to wide ranges of smart tools as well as machines. Not only the personal stuff or interests will be managed with smart devices, but you can also do an array of business activities with them.

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