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The Impact of Social Media on Your Corporate News

Social media users are active- very active. They spend hours searching, reading and sharing your news. What does this mean for the corporate communicator? Publishing your news, stories, events, and multimedia on social media channels can be an effective means of distributing your content far and wide. A recent social media survey reports that more than 75% use social media to access news at least an hour per day, every day. They are accessing social at home and work with 85% of them accessing on mobile devices. This concludes that it is imperative that your news be consistent, relevant, and shareable in a mobile-friendly format. Three important points for the corporate communicator to note would be to utilize social for all news, post this news at varying times throughout the day and night, and ensure that all messages are available in a mobile-friendly format.

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Getting your message out quickly is also critical. According to the recent social media survey, 70% believe social media is more timely than traditional news outlets. Social users are checking Facebook and Twitter regularly for news updates and then following those links through to your news website. By utilizing your social network as a distribution vehicle, you can save money, save time and increase your visibility. Many companies have dedicated news Twitter channels that exclusively publish content from their online newsroom. They can measure the effectiveness of each news story and track likes, shares, RT’s, and can monitor the increase in their overall follower network.

Each social network is different. Some platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are popular with pre-teens and teens but are not necessarily effective news distribution channels for organizations. Facebook and Twitter are the most used social networks for sharing and following news. 74% say they use Twitter to follow and share news while 76% say they use Facebook. Your followers are a great news delivery network. Spending time targeting your audience and growing your social follower counts is also crucial; especially if you are interested in having more journalists receive your news. There are many tools and social influencer platforms that can allow you to find exactly where people in your industry are and provide you the resources to help connect and engage with them online. Finally, 56% say they use LinkedIn to share and follow business news. While not as significant as Twitter and Facebook, you should consider LinkedIn as an additional news distribution channel.

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Now more than ever, your social media channels can be leveraged to distribute your news. Not only can it distribute your news, but it also allows your network to share your news with their followers — increasing your total reach.

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