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The Art of Reconnecting with an Old Lead

Most of the time, impatience is a good thing. Business owners and professionals of all ilks should feel motivated to identify problems and to solve them as quickly as possible. After all, modern companies need to react with great speed in order to satisfy the ever higher expectations of the contemporary consumer. Yet, certain problems require a degree of patience. Indeed, sales people looking to reconnect with an old lead, prospect, or client need to understand the delicate art of second engagement. To that end, here’s a look at how professionals can make the second time the charm when they encounter an old lead:

Don’t “Disconnect” in the First Place

Of course, not every lead a business generates results in a sale. However, that doesn’t mean businesses should stop engaging with an interested lead just because they didn’t choose to make a purchase. In many instances, timing is the most important element in marketing, and a lead may be unwilling to spend simply because it’s not the right moment for them to do so. (This is especially true of B2B pros who may only make significant purchases once or twice a year.) As such, marketing and sales teams would be wise to continue to interact with leads even if they’ve rejected a sales pitch once.


Keeping in touch with old leads and clients through automated email messages is a basic way to stay on their radar for a few months. Still, automated messages can only go so far. If you really want to elicit a response from an old contact, reach out to them with a message crafted just for them. Include their name in an email subject line, or shoot them a quick note on a social-media platform. A little extra effort can make a big difference when it comes to consumer interaction.

Compare and Contrast

Sometimes, a lead choosing to do business with a competitor is a blessing in disguise. Particularly if you can clearly outperform your rival. You can always win back an old lead by letting them know what they’re missing without your operation. Plus, comparing and contrasting competitors’ products/services with yours directly will underline that point. This is an especially effective tactic if you can provide something special that your competitors can’t. Remember, getting specific won’t turn off interested leads, but rather will give them access to the intel they need to make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

Subtlety is overrated. Salespeople should recognize that they don’t have to tiptoe when speaking with old leads or clients. Instead, use the familiarity you already enjoy with your contacts to let them know you’re still interested in their business, and that you can offer them valuable products/services in return.

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