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The 20 most popular TV shows of the summer

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Summertime TV viewing has become easier with each passing year as new streaming platforms and original series become available to audiences craving some couch time. But which show is ruling the season? INSIDER worked with Parrot Analytics, which compiles available global data on social media, blogging, pirating, and other factors to figure out the viewer demand for shows.

Parrot assigned each series an “expressions” total that reflects average daily audience demand from all countries from May 27 to July 25, 2018 (adjusted for each country’s population).

Keep scrolling to see the 20 most popular TV shows of the summer.

20. “The Expanse” (Syfy)

Average Demand Expressions: 1.69 million

Towards the beginning of May this year, Syfy announced that “The Expanse” would be cancelled following the conclusion of its third season in June. 

Thanks to fan petitions and outspoken celebrities (including “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin), the pressure worked. Amazon announced it will be picking up “The Expanse for future seasons.


19. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (FOX)

Average Demand Expressions: 1.72 million

Similar to “The Expanse,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” made waves at the start of the summer when it was cancelled and then saved. This time it was NBC who stepped in to save the buddy cop comedy as it headed towards its sixth season.

18. “America’s Got Talent” (NBC)

Average Demand Expressions: 1.75 million

Now with super-host Tyra Banks and judge Simon Cowell, this talent-based reality series is still captivating millions each week. The thirteenth season is airing now on Tuesday nights.

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