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SEO Tips That Work (Even for Beginners)

In this video, you'll learn some SEO tips that work and are easy and fast to implement.

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The first SEO tip is to preserve link equity by fixing broken backlinks.

Links that point to a broken page are called broken backlinks. While they're pointing to a 404 page, your site isn't getting any value from them. To regain that value, you can restore your broken pages with backlinks or redirect that URL to a live and relevant one.

Watch the video to learn how to do it.

The next tip is to license your custom images with Creative Commons.

Creative Commons licenses allow creators to license their content under copyright law. If you license your images through Creative Commons, people can legally use them on their site. And some of these licenses require a link to the creator's website.

Learn more about this SEO tactic from the video.

The next SEO tip is to repurpose blog posts into videos.

Google is showing more and more videos in their SERPs. And your brand has the opportunity to own at least two spots on the first page of Google by having a page from your website and a video on the same or a similar topic. The more SERP real estate you own, the more clicks you’ll get.

Watch the video to find out more about this SEO technique.

Another great tactic is to go after low-hanging featured snippet opportunities.

Featured snippets are excerpts from an article that appear in Google's SERP. And because they often appear at the top of Google, they usually get tons of clicks.

Watch the video to learn how to find opportunities for your website to get into featured snippets.

The final tip is to add internal links to boost important pages on your site.

Internal links are the easiest way to pass and improve PageRank across your site. And you have full control over these links.

There are many ways to find internal linking opportunities. Watch the video to learn a few of the easiest ones.


0:00 Intro
0:07 Fix broken backlinks on your site
1:15 License your images with Creative Commons
3:18 Strategically repurpose blog posts to videos
6:57 Find featured snippet opportunities
8:10 Add internal links to your important pages

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