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Self-taught Coder to VP of Billion Dollar Company (eCommerce success story)

How do you build a world class eCommerce app?

Casey Gauss wasn’t always a VP at a billion dollar company. Starting from humble beginnings, this self taught coder and college dropout created Viral Launch, one of the most widely used software tools in the ecommerce industry.

As CEO, he scaled the company to widespread international recognition while helping thousands of ecommerce sellers validate and launch their brands.

In this video, Casey shares his tips for success and motivations for how to keep chasing the dream even at your lowest moments. You’ll also hear some extra special insights on the importance of validating ideas early on in your process.

00:00 Remarkable story of Casey Gauss
04:27 How did you learn coding?
06:50 Original idea for app
10:45 The value of early feedback
14:30 Fastest company to reach 1B valuation
16:30 College dropout: how long did it take?
18:30 Importance of relationships & taking action
21:35 What skill sets are valuable?
22:28 Ask: “how could I change this situation?”
25:20 Is coding worth learning?
27:05 Understanding the tech world

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