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Pakistan Teenager, Muhammad Aarij, Becomes A Certified Copywriting Specialist During Statewide COVID-19 Quarantine With DigitalMarketer

AUSTIN, Texas, March 27, 2020 — As an e-learning company, we at DigitalMarketer know one thing to be true: we not only want want to support both small and growing businesses, but also provide the best marketing training to anyone and everyone who needs it. That is why we opened the doors of DigitalMarketer Lab to anyone who wants access, totally free, from now until the end of March.

That’s also how Muhammad Aarij, a 14-year-old in Pakistan, is now a Certified Copywriting Specialist. The teenager posted a video on YouTube urging other teens to spend their time wisely.

While many are panicking and struggling with fear, Aarij is growing his skillset. He urges others saying, “While you are at home due to this COVID-19 pandemic, you must spend your time effectively and acquire a new skill.” Aarij goes on to say, “You and I are not different. I used to spend a lot of time on PS4, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, teasing younger siblings; but then I realized there is an opportunity, the situation is now different, it will never be the same.”

Full access to DigitalMarketer Lab is typically $95 per month. The 8-year-old company has never run this promotion before, but in light of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, they wanted to offer something to the marketing community. To date, 41,000+ people have subscribed to Lab, which is an increase of 400% in users. The promotion has led to a global spike in the DM Facebook community with users from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. DM Lab membership includes access to playbooks, master classes, templates, and digital marketing certifications.

“Marketers need to creatively serve their customers during the pandemic,” said DigitalMarketer CEO, Ryan Deiss. “Leaders should resist giving into fear-based scarcity, hoarding their products. At DM, we are approaching this crisis from an abundance mindset. Giving away something big and meaningful has allowed for audience expansion. It is encouraging that our content is being consumed in Pakistan and by a teenager. His inspirational message is one that resonates with all age groups. Make the most of every moment you’re given.”

There is still time to take advantage of DigitalMarketer’s free trial to Lab. Sign up here:

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