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New movies that flopped at the box office, from ‘Onward’ to ‘Bloodshot,’ are gaining popularity as $20 digital early releases


Movies that have become available on digital platforms early as theaters close due to the coronavirus are now popular on iTunes and Fandango Now.
They include Universal’s “The Invisible Man” and Sony’s “Bloodshot,” which were in theaters within the last month.
Some, like “Bloodshot,” “The Hunt,” and “Onward,” flopped at the box office. 
This is likely a short-term solution for studios, though. The likelihood of big-budget movies that have been delayed this year heading straight to digital platforms is slim.
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Studios have released some new movies to digital platforms early as theaters shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. And those movies are already popular on video-on-demand services. 

Some of them, like Vin Diesel’s superhero movie “Bloodshot,” Blumhouse’s “The Hunt,” and Pixar’s “Onward,” flopped at the box office. “Onward” debuted in theaters with the worst opening of any Pixar film in the Disney era with just $39 million domestically. And “Bloodshot” and “The Hunt” were two of the last movies to hit theaters before most cinemas in the US shut down.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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