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Moving Past a Severe Disability and Multiple Failures in Pursuit of a Dream Life

At an early age Daniel Valentin realized he was a bit different than most people. Despite being born with two life altering disabilities, Danny arrived at the conclusion that even though there were issues with his body, his brain would be the ticket to creating his ideal life.

0:00 Introduction to Danny
2:51 Danny’s mindset around his disability.
5:51 Danny’s early jump into entrepreneurship.
15:00 Choosing a career in corporate finance.
18:00 Deciding to quit the corporate job.
24:30 Danny’s experience as an FBA seller.
29:00 Is it possible to start a FBA business with no money?
32:00 Danny’s final tips.

Danny’s story begins at The University of Florida where after multiple failures in entrepreneurship, he was ultimately able to create a working prototype for a driving safety app which attracted serious investor interest. Faced with the decision to double down on the business or pursue a career in corporate banking, Danny decided to take the safe bet and chose the latter. Less than two years later, he was miserable.

In this episode, we’ll be walking through Danny’s motivation for ultimately quitting his high paying job in banking and risk it all to build an ecommerce business. You’ll get to hear first hand the struggles and challenges that come with living with a disability and how he stays motivated despite being born with what some might view as a less than ideal hand in life.

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