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More advertisers are taking marketing in-house — meet the firms helping them make the move

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Today’s news: The firms behind the in-house marketing boom, Edelman’s push to rival ad agencies, and YouTube’s pitch for audio ads.

Stiglin Consulting CEO Marta Stiglin

Meet 20 firms helping big brands like Sprint and Unilever take their advertising in-houseTanya Dua looked at the firms behind the rise of in-house marketing — a trend that has grown during the pandemic.Consultancies and firms have helped marketers make the shift and handle hiring, creating content, media buying, and measurement.The list includes independent firms like Brunner and larger agencies like WPP-owned Essence.Read the full story here.
TAZO - Edelman
Edelman helped create a campaign with Tazo Tea Company featuring hip hop producer, RZA.

PR giant Edelman shares its playbook for taking on ad agencies, with a 600-person advertising team and client wins like Ikea and AsicsSean Czarnecki reports that PR giant Edelman is pushing to take on ad agencies in creative work with hires from Leo Burnett and McCann.Edelman has won creative for accounts like Ikea, Asics, Tazo, and Good Humor and launched a video content studio called The Blue Room.Advertising competitors are skeptical Edelman can be a serious contender.Read the full story here.
Lyor Cohen
Lyor Cohen

YouTube is pushing advertisers toward a new audio unit, and it shows how important music is to driving growth on the platformHugh Langley spoke with Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s head of music, about its new pitch for audio ads.More than 2 billion people are playing music videos on YouTube each month, showing how big music is becoming to YouTube.YouTube’s audio ads show a still image because 85% of music consumption on its platform happens in the foreground.Read the full story here.More stories we’re reading:A YouTube star breaks down how much money he spends on videos with expensive stunts like filling a pool with liquid nitrogen or building a massive trampoline tower (Business Insider)Amazon is aggressively underpricing grocery competitors like Walmart and Target amid the pandemic, in a bid to capture the huge shift to online buying (Business Insider) ‘People just wanted it to fail’: The creator of Quibi’s ‘Dummy’ opens up about the streamer’s collapse and the show’s future (Business Insider)Facebook just launched a new app named where users can create ‘personalized spaces’ that look like Tumblr pages (Business Insider)Twitter taps ‘BBC Dad’ for an ad featuring an eruption of interruptions (The Drum)Businesses with a give-back mission caught in Facebook ad ban (New York Times)

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