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Mechanical vs Aerospace Engineer: What’s A Better Career

Most companies don’t care whether you get a Mechanical or Aerospace engineering degree. Even if the job listing only asks for mechanical engineering graduates, they’ll usually accept aerospace grads as well. The curriculum is very similar.

I got a degree in Mechanical Engineering (graduated Cum Laude). I worked jobs in oil & gas, and HVAC before becoming an entrepreneur. I now own an Amazon FBA business, a content website, and this YouTube channel which all generate monthly income.

How to own one profitable online business after another without ever starting one:

How many mechanical engineering jobs are added each year:

Aerospace jobs added each year:

I did not account for how many people retire or quit from Aerospace & Mechanical engineering each year because no stat exists.

How many people graduate with a mechanical & aerospace engineering degree:

Glassdoor states there are 6,000 open mechanical engineering jobs while there are 49,000 open software engineering jobs:,20.htm

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