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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ is free to try on PlayStation 4 this weekend — here’s how to join the beta on PS4, Xbox, and PC

MArvel's Avengers

Players can try “Marvel’s Avengers” weeks before it releases on September 4 with the ongoing beta program.
From August 14 to August 16 PlayStation 4 owners can try the game for free, while PC and Xbox One players can join the closed beta by preordering or applying for beta access.
Between August 21 and August 23 the beta will be open to all players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
Players who preorder “Marvel’s Avengers” will also get to play three days early, starting September 1.
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Fans will get to try “Marvel’s Avengers” — the upcoming video game adaptation of the blockbuster comic book and movie franchise — weeks before the game officially launches thanks to an ongoing beta program through the month of August.

Announced in 2017, “Avengers” is an online action game set in an alternate version of Marvel’s universe, allowing players to form their own team of four heroes to take on the forces of a nefarious organization called A.I.M. The beta gives players a snippet of the game’s story mode, but focuses primarily on the countless multiplayer missions that allow players to team up, improve their characters, and unlock new costumes and powerups.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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