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LensCoat is Using Its Sewing Skills to Make Masks for Health Care Workers

Accessory maker LensCoat usually makes rain covers and other lens protection that help to keep your gear safe. But as the COVID-19 pandemic increased in intensity, the New Jersey-based company has started making masks for health care workers instead.

With most photographers stuck indoors and New Jersey under lockdown, LensCoat had to pare down its workforce and has probably experienced a drop in orders as well. But the company isn’t just looking out for itself. LensCoat has also partnered with a local group to create face masks for hospitals and first responders in their community.

“At LensCoat, we know how to sew patterns. That’s why we are using our sewing skills to make masks for people during the pandemic,” said the company on social media. “We are working with a local group that is donating most of the fabric and LensCoat is donating the machines and labor. The masks are being donated to local community hospital, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, and first responders.”

You’ll immediately recognize the camouflage fabric found on many of LensCoat’s wildlife photography products. Except instead of covering up an 800mm lens, it’s on its way to help cover for our health care workers and first responders:

The admirable gesture will no doubt earn LensCoat some good will and well-deserved publicity—it obviously already has. But this isn’t just some marketing ploy. As the tristate area struggles to provide enough PPE for medical staff and first responders at the peak of its coronavirus outbreak, the company is also setting an example for others.

Image credits: All photos by LensCoat, used with permission.

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