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Keyword Research Tips to Help you Rank Higher in Google

Learn 4 advanced keyword research tips to find the best keywords and topics worth going after.
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Learn How to Do Effective Keyword Research for SEO Series

Keyword Research Tutorials For SEO Series

Some of the best keywords and topics can’t be found through a conventional keyword research process.

Hence, it’s worthwhile to look into alternative methods that your competitors might not know about.

Learn actionable keyword research tips to find topics you can rank for and will drive more organic traffic to your site.

In the first strategy, you’ll learn 2 ways to find pages that are sending a lot of search traffic to your competitors:

1. Learn key indicators to find low-competition topics that get search traffic.
2. Look at traffic distribution going to pages to dominate your competition.

In the next tip, you’ll learn how to gain a huge advantage to increase traffic and engagement on your content by discovering keywords your competitors aren’t targeting.

In tip #3, you’ll learn how to find low competition topics with high search traffic potential from a huge database of over a billion pages of content.

The final tactic takes advantage of forums with high search traffic, especially the niche relevant ones, as a goldmine for keyword ideas.

In this tutorial, learn how to do advanced keyword research to find topics that have the potential to rank on Google.

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