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I thought I needed a lawyer from my state to write my will, but I was able to do it online in minutes for a fraction of the cost

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After years of procrastination, I used Trust & Will to create estate planning documents that explain my final wishes and protect my family if I die.
The process of using Trust & Will was simple and easy to follow. It left me with a will and other important estate planning documents, including a living will and power of attorney.
The cost of Trust & Will was a fraction of what human attorneys charge, and I was very happy with the self-service experience of creating my will online.
Use Trust & Will to create a legal will online in minutes »

A will or trust is an important document that tells the courts, your family, and anyone else what should happen with your money and other assets if you die. 

While people with few assets and responsibilities may not have to worry about a will, anyone with children, other dependents (including pets), or assets (such as property, retirement accounts, or savings) should certainly take the time to lay out a plan for what should happen to their estate. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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