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How Zoho enabled Eunimart to automate internal operations and increase efficiency by 30 percent

Small and medium businesses often find it very difficult to enter and scale their business, especially in the cross-border category, due to the lack of data, connections, technology, support systems and people that enterprises typically have. According to the Crossing the Digital Border report 2018 by Mastercard, only 38 percent of businesses around the world could process international orders and only 33 percent could sell beyond their own borders. This means more than half of all SMEs are missing out on global business opportunities.

“We believe that our job is to enable SMEs from across the world grow their sales across all channels better,” says Shayak Mazumder, Founder and CEO of Eunimart, a complete end-to-end omnichannel trade and commerce management platform.

Founded in 2016 by Shayak Mazumder and Archana Shah, the startup provides merchants access to markets and channels of sales and support in the form of shipping, warehousing, payments, etc.; operational efficiency through tools such as POS, WMS, pricing management, cataloguing, orders and inventory management, global shipping management, returns management and e-fulfilment, among others along with intelligence around products, markets, competition, sales, etc. using Artificial Intelligence. “By adding value to every stakeholder, we seek to empower the ecosystem globally and become synonymous with supply aggregation and SME enablement across the globe,” says Shayak.

Eunimart uses technology in all aspects of their business – from HRMS to marketing, automation, accounting and customer support to training and project management. The objective was to reduce OPEX, increase efficiency and speed and derive valuable insights. In the complicated business market they worked in, Eunimart was looking for a highly customised solution that would provide accurate data, a system that could support and integrate all the flows in one place.

They explored various solutions for about a year, before they stumbled upon Zoho One, via the ‘Zoho for Startups’ program. According to Shayak, it had the best pricing, a comprehensive suite of solutions, and the workflow management and integrations were exactly what they were looking for. In 2018, they created their internal operations management using Zoho. They onboarded all their merchants onto the platform, which enabled them to monitor every single flow and understand merchant data better.

Eunimart uses Zoho CRM for lead generation, Zoho Social for social media, Zoho Sales IQ for sales intelligence, Zoho Showtime for training webinars, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk for customer support and Zoho Recruit for talent management.

“At the time, we did not have any internal application. Zoho helped us automate our tasks and get a control over the workload and manage highly complicated workflows to automate and assign work to people,” says Shayak.

Zoho also provides them with a reports dashboard which automates every single customer report, enabling Eunimart to understand and solve each customer pain point in an efficient manner.

Although Eunimart’s dependency on Zoho reduced after launching their own platform, they use Zoho more strategically now. They are automating their complete sales and marketing operations using multiple tools.

“We are now using Zoho as the mother app for the entire marketing automation for collecting all data from all the tools connected to both the in-app and ex-app funnels, and running segmentation and customer behavioural analysis,” says Shayak.

Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy, Global Head – Zoho for Startups, who has worked with Eunimart for over a year, says, “Shayak was one of the earliest users of Zoho One when it was launched, and we, at Zoho, are proud when entrepreneurs like him not only use our apps but also evangelise our solutions. With the e-commerce scene in India and big players in it, it is important to have platforms like Eunimart that help SMEs grow globally. Also, here is an example where, in spite of overlaps that exist, there are so many business functions that Zoho's apps can take care of. When talking about e-commerce, one cannot afford to go wrong in customer analysis. Amidst the obvious use cases, this one is quite different, unique, and interesting.”

Since May 2016, Eunimart has come a long way and their product is now being validated by top merchants in India. They now have a team of 37 engineers and 25 subject matter experts helping 3,000 merchants from India sell to 85 markets, globally.

On the way forward with Zoho, Shayak says they are excited to explore several other applications in the suite to reimagine their marketing efforts. “This integration brings us 30 percent added efficiency and customer friendliness has also increased.”

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