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How to Turn a Hobby Into a Booming Business —The BiggerPockets Story With Joshua Dorkin

If you think you know Joshua Dorkin’s whole story… think again.

In the debut episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, the BiggerPockets founder reveals exactly how he bootstrapped a hobby site into the world’s biggest online community of real estate investors. He also discusses how he worked 100-hour weeks in his basement (and in his boxers), and how somewhere along the way, it dawned on him that he’d built a “lifestyle business” that left him with no real life.

Joshua traces the business back to the days when MySpace was hot. He offers tips for building an online community that will resonate today and into the future. He describes a few moments when he almost quit ($15,000 for a website that didn’t work?!) and reflects on why he waited eight years to make that game-changing first hire (Brandon Turner!).

But for as many lives as BiggerPockets has touched, this episode is about something more profound than one company’s growth. You’ll learn what that is when Joshua reveals why he’s been out of the public eye lately and the reason he stepped back from day-to-day operations just as BiggerPockets began to reach new heights.

This show will give you a lot to think about—whether you run your own business or you’re just thinking about taking that leap. It’s a perfect jumping-off point as we launch the BiggerPockets Business Podcast with the intention of helping one another make a real, positive impact on the lives of our customers, our teams, and our families.

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