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How to Make Pinterest Pins Easily With NO Design Tools!

How to Make Pinterest Pins banner

Wondering how to make Pinterest Pins?

Baffled by all the design tools available?

If you’re stuck at how to
choose a design tool
, or how to use
or Canva –

You’re out of excuses!

Be stuck no longer, because now you can make Pinterest Pins
right on the Pinterest website!

How to Make Pins on

To access this feature, you must have a business account.

Head to the Pinterest website on your desktop or laptop
computer. You can’t edit images on iOS or Android at this

1 | Open your Pinterest business account.

2 | Click the plus sign + in the top-right corner and choose
Create Pin.

3 | Add an image to create a Pin.

Click the caret ^ to upload an image.
Drag and drop an image into the grey box.

4 | Add a title, description, and destination URL.

Drag and drop the red frame to crop your Pin on Pinterest

Optional: Hover over the image and click the edit pencil:

Crop: Drag and drop the red frame to crop your Pin or use the
recommended 2:3 ratio. See image above.
Add a logo: Click ★ and select your logo.
Add color: Select a color fill or adjust for placement and
Add text: Click “A” and enter your text into the text

There are 20 typefaces available, in various weights, giving you
a small amount of options. See all the variants of Raleway,

There are 20 typefaces available when you make pins on Pinterest

5 | Choose to publish your Pin immediately or schedule it for a
later date. You can choose to schedule on the hour or half hour, up
to two weeks in the future (see below).

publish your Pin immediately or schedule it for a later date

6 | Click the dropdown next to “Select” and choose an
existing board to save your Pin to, or select to create a new

7 | Click Publish. This will set up to post later if you chose
to schedule.

Scheduled Pins can be accessed from your profile. You can choose
to Delete or Publish Now, but you can’t edit a scheduled Pin.

Here is the Pin I created… it’s OK, but I had to make
adjustments to the background image since there are only 3
positions available for your type, with left or center

Just for comparison sake, I used the same image for a Pin I
created in Photoshop – you can see that one at the bottom of this
blog post.

Pinterest Pins image made on

Best Uses for the Pinterest Pin Editor

Let’s be real – this way to make Pinterest Pins is super

I believe it’s best suited to marketers who are just getting
started on Pinterest, and have NO familiarity with a design

In addition, you need an image to start with. So it will
probably work best for business owners who already have product

With the Pinterest Pin Editor, you can:

Crop your photos to the proper shape (of these options, use 2:3
for best results).
Add your logo (I recommend bottom center).
Add a text overlay if you like.

For many people just being able to get the right shape is huge
(I know, because people ask me how to do this!).

Adding their logo is a bonus.

So it works for beginners.

Its simplicity will get you out of “what do I pick?” options
and on to creating something.

How Can I Make Better Pinterest Pins?

I have lots of ideas for you!

First of all, even if you’re a beginner, you should learn some
Pinterest Pin best practices.

Pinterest Image Essentials to Make the Best

If you’re looking for a more versatile and effective design
tool, you can compare some of the best with my FREE comparison

READ: Best
Design Tools for Non-Designers to Make Killer Visual

And if you’re even more advanced, you may want to consider
which Pin shapes actually DO perform best on Pinterest. Hint:
It’s not always 2:3.

READ: Are You Using the
Best Pinterest Pin Size?

Those should keep you busy for awhile!

How to Make Pinterest Pins Easily: Conclusion

You have options, depending on your skill level.

Just starting to get your feet wet? Try the Pin Editor on, as detailed above.

Ready for an easy design tool that includes Pin templates you
can edit and brand as your own?

Try a tool like or (my favorite) Snappa.

I prefer Snappa as you can access 60,000+ photos at no
additional usage cost. There is a small monthly fee for a Pro

Or you can create and download 5 Pin images each month at no
cost at all!

Ready to try it out?

• • • Create a
Pinterest Pin with Snappa for free NOW! • • •

Disclosure: IF you upgrade to a paid plan, I
may receive a referral fee.

If you’re really a Pinterest newbie, you may want to learn
more about Pinterest marketing.

Let me take you from setting up your account correctly to making
simple, pinnable images, in the FREE e-course.

Get ONE simple action step emailed each day. Join

• • • CLICK to get
your FREE Pinterest Basics e-course! • • •

Please share with others who would like to know how to make
Pinterest Pins easily.

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