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How to Create Your Own Branded Products

Creating your own brand of products is not as difficult as it sounds. All it requires is that you research a niche of products, find the right items to sell, and then build a brand around that.

In fact, almost anyone can start and grow their own brand of products on Amazon with a little guidance.

There’s a ton of benefits to creating branded products too. Not only can you make your products look more professional than the competition, but as you grow your brand, you’ll have some serious momentum each time you launch a new product.

Buyers will start to recognize your brand on Amazon, especially if you’re providing high-quality products. Users who love your previous stuff will remember your brand name and feel more compelled to buy your products over the competition.

Simple Steps To Create Your Own Brand:

  • Research then pick a niche and product
  • Choose a brand name
  • Choose the look and feel of your brand
  • Finalize and develop the personality
  • Hire a professional to design a logo

Even after you figure out the details of your branding, knowing the best products to sell on FBA remains the most critical step of the whole process. It’s the foundation of your success.

Working With Suppliers on Branding

Once you know what you want to sell, and you know your brand’s details, you only need to find a supplier and develop a relationship with them.

After your supplier knows you’re serious about ordering products, you can easily communicate back and forth regarding your branding requirements. You can easily work with them on how to add your logo to your products, including sizing and location.

Sure, sourcing and branding your own product can sound intimidating to first time sellers, but there’s a lot of training available to make the whole process effortless. Sites like can prepare you for all of the typical hurdles that sellers encounter.

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), in particular, even provides email templates, telling you exactly what to say to a new supplier to get the best deals, add your branding, and open a healthy dialogue. If you want to sound like a pro from day one with your suppliers, then it’s a good idea to use what ASM has to offer.

Then, after you’ve worked with suppliers a few times, you’ll feel comfortable with the whole process, and your brand will be off and running, in great shape.

Selling Unbranded Products is Not Recommended

There’s a reason why you see so many branded products on Amazon. Primarily because without any branding, there’s nothing to set your product apart from other sellers.

This is especially true in most niches where you’re selling generic products like kitchen utensil holders or desk organizers. It makes it difficult to gain any traction in regards to brand recognition if you don’t throw your logo on there.

If a customer loves your product, you want to make it as simple as possible to search your brand and buy more quality items.

So once you know how it all works, how to deal with suppliers, and how to find the best products, you’ll have successfully launched your own branded products on Amazon in no time. All you need to get started is a great product, a professional logo, and a brand name to start gaining more customers and trust on Amazon!


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