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How to Convince Website Owners to Link Out to Your Website

Have you found that when you ask people for a link, they ignore you? Trust me, I know that feeling. That’s how I started out with link building. Today, I’m going to break down how to convince website owners to link out to your website, big and small websites. I’m talking about the big authority sites like, Wikipedia and New York Times, all the way to the tiny sites.


Here’s some do’s and don’ts when it comes to convincing website owners to link out to your website.

Don’t beg like a puppy. Your content is great, your product’s amazing! Have that confidence just like you would do when you would ask someone out on a date, you wouldn’t beg someone to marry you, you wouldn’t beg them out on a date.

Don’t beg, people should link to you. And if they shouldn’t link to you because your contents is mediocre, your product is mediocre, your service is mediocre, fix it!

Don’t pretend that you came across their content. Let them know you search for it, and you’re looking for broken links and that they should replace it because it’s a terrible experience.

Don’t use outreach templates without modifying them to your own voice. You have a personality, use it, people like it. And if they don’t, that’s their problem because you know what, your personality is great.

Now let’s go over some do’s. Do find the right person that’ll be able to make this decision. A lot of people, just even web masters, I don’t know why, email the person that wrote the article. And do use visual content. People love visual content.

The easiest way I get links is through videos and infographics, other than tools. That helps so much. And do use data to back up your content. People don’t want to just link to an article, they want to link to stats, data, to help emphasize their points and make them look like an expert. Remember how Google has this E-A-T, “Expertise, Authority, Trust,” people want to use stats and data to show that they’re an expert. And another do, build a relationship with the website content creators before asking for a backlink.

Another do, apply the advice of that content creator and tell them about the results you’ve got. People love other people using their content and results, and then asking them for link.

And another do, is follow-up. Now here’s my last tip for you, and this works exceptionally, exceptionally well. I want you to go to Ubersuggest, type in your domain, in the left-hand navigation, look at the Backlinks Report and check out the Backlinks Opportunity Report.

The Backlinks Opportunity Report, in there you put in your domain and then two to three of your competitors. Ideally three, if not more. This will show you all the people that link to your competitors that don’t link to you. Here’s, what’s cool.

If someone links to not just one, not just two, but three of your competitors, which is what this report will show, and they’re linked to many of your competitors, but they don’t link to you, chances are they’ll be willing to link to you too. and they don’t mind linking to other websites in your space, but you just got to use some of the do’s that I mentioned; better content, stats, data, visual content, showing them where a broken link is, and then you’ll get the link.

That’s the strategy that I use. So I use all these do’s and combine it with that Backlinks Opportunity Report in Ubersuggest.

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