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How technology is changing the tea business

A sharp surge in all things digital was observed with the advent of the Covid pandemic in the early part of 2020. This was because, as the world moved to confines in the wake of the pandemic-induced movement restrictions, there was little way to uphold the functioning of societies and economies, than to transition them into a virtual format.

What started then as a temporary measure to accommodate the pandemic and its consequent restrictions, has now become the norm of the world as digitisation and technical infestation sit at the heart of all the global industries in today’s day.

As technology has made its way to all industries, big and small, the tea industry is no exception.

As per a report by Statista, India is the second-largest producer of tea in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region and is the third-largest exporter of tea internationally. Thus, it is sufficient to say that the Indian tea industry is one of the biggest global industries.

For a firm operating in such a big industry, it is critical to stay atop all prominent trends and advances and capitalise on them to gain maximum edge.

As established, technology is the latest addition to the list of growing trends in the industry. Some ways in which technology has and can further transform the sector are discussed below-

Efficient production and cost-effectiveness

The infusion of technology in the manufacturing processes cuts down significantly on the costs and time consumption of the entire activity. Naturally, as operations become more efficient and less expensive, the company will save expenditure and maximise profits.

Also, the use of technology makes the processes more precise and accurate which reduces the probability of mistakes and wastages, thereby decreasing any possible losses that may arise out of these situations.

Overall, technology is spearheading the manufacturing processes of all industries and displaying remarkable results so, the tea industry is bound to exhibit the same results to some extent in the near future as the industry becomes progressively tech-savvy with time.


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Direct channels of sale to a wider audience base

One of the prominent ways in which having an online presence through websites and social media services a brand is by allowing it to establish direct contact with its customers. The information provided on these platforms aids customer knowledge about both the brand and its offerings and assists their decision of purchase.

Further, websites also allow a brand to sell directly to its customers irrespective of geographical locations. This leads to cost and time saving for both the parties and is thus a very desirable option to be exercised.

A good website lets customers track their orders and updates them on all progress, which bolsters customer service and satisfaction.

These small factors, as enabled by technology, go a long way in establishing brand image and even help to boost sales by making the customer shopping experience smooth and streamlined.

Digital Marketing is the new-age marketingMarketing is one field where digitisation has proved to be immensely popular. By allowing a much wider reach and visibility at lesser comparative costs, digital marketing provides several opportunities to organisations of all sizes to enhance their scope of operations.

This infusion of technology in the marketing of tea brands can prove to be extremely fruitful to Indian labels. This is because since India is an accepted and trusted exporter of tea, greater visibility through digital marketing will appeal to the audiences abroad that are keen on buying their tea from India and help them enhance their breadth of sales. Additionally, according to Statista, the country consumes 30 percent of global tea production.

Thus, an increased reach in terms of advertising and marketing will also promote their pan-India sales and help them make a solid brand image amongst the masses.

Summing up

Technology has been the ultimate game-changer for global industries over the span of the last decade. While technology and its adoption was already fast-growing and spreading in the past few years, the advent of the global pandemic has substantially accelerated the acceptance and usage of technology throughout industries.

In this scenario, the tea industry is no different as it is also fast adopting methods of technology in all of its processes ranging from manufacturing to sales, distribution, and even marketing. The scope of this article discussed some of the ways in which tech has and can further change the tea industry for the better.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)

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