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How I Turn a Boring Product Into a Marketing Success Behind My Most Successful Campaigns

It’s easier to market something that’s sexy than something that isn’t. So what do you do when your product or your service just isn’t sexy? Today I’m going to break down how I turn a boring product into a marketing success behind my most successful campaigns.


Look, a lot of people reach out to me asking, hey Neil, I have a product or a service that is too boring. I don’t know how to do marketing for a solution like this. The truth is most products aren’t really that remarkable or interesting. You’ll only be able to drive as much attention as your solution’s ability to resolve a specific problem, the needs and the wants from your audience.

Here are a few things I do when it comes to making a boring solution, a marketing success.

First tip, create a narrative. How did you come up with that solution? What problems led you to creating that solution? In essence, you’re creating a story. People love stories. Even in businesses, people want to know from the ups, the downs, what’s the impact that it had on someone’s life from using that product, how it changed it.

Tip number two, anchor your solution to problems, needs and wants. It’s not about your solution. It’s about how it makes your customer’s lives better, easier, freshness, even elevates their status and what emotions are associated with it.

Tip number three, make it visual. Even with very abstract products like courses, showing people what’s inside makes a material difference in their lives and improves conversions.

Create videos and content around that. I also want you to evoke emotions, sensations, smells, you know, auditory perceptions, go beyond the visual. Get to the synthetic aspect of what you’re offering.

Tip number four, use humor, and don’t be boring just because your product is. Look, Old Spice is deodorant, you know. Put some on here, put some on there. What else is there to it? You know what else there is to it? A dude on a horse talking about Old Spice or Dollar Shave Club using that funny video about shaving. Yeah, it’s just razorblades, but it helped them turn into a billion dollar company. Don’t take yourself too serious. Have fun, like I am with these videos.

Tip number five, paint a picture of what your solution is going to be able to do, to your customer’s lives. Will it elevate your customer’s status? Will it make them look more prestigious? Will it make something easier in their lives? How does it make it feel when that solved, you know, that big problem that they’re facing? Will it make your customers look good in front of someone who they care about?

And if you do all of this, you’ll solve these issues. So that’s it, follow the tips. You’re good to go.

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