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How diehard Trump fans transformed their Twitter accounts into bots which spread conspiracies in a vast Russia-style disinformation network

Trump Twittery Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Twitter suspended what appeared to be a network of pro-Trump activists using an app called Power10 to boost their messaging.
Using this app, these users were able to effectively turn their accounts into bots — automated amplifiers of posts — some of which Twitter has banned for attempting to distort political conversations online. 
The app exposes a flaw in Twitter’s ability to enforce its anti-disinformation and spamming policies, experts have said. 
The tool boosted messages by President Donald Trump and his allies, as well as members of the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. 
The tool was built by GOP operative Jason Sullivan, a protege of Roger Stone, who promoted it on social media. 
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A loophole in Twitter’s anti-spamming safeguards allowed users to covertly flood the platform with disinformation and conspiracy theories for years, a Business Insider investigation has found. 

In an operation apparently masterminded by Jason Sullivan — an associate of Donald Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone — supporters of the president were encouraged to deploy an app called Power10. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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