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How Accurate is Google Keyword Planner?

In this video, we share our thoughts on how accurate Keyword Planner’s search volumes are.

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Search Console is likely the most accurate source of keyword data. And it is also the go-to place for SEOs to analyze their impressions, clicks, and keyword rankings. But in order to see this data, you have to actually rank for these keywords.

That’s why SEOs often turn to Google Keyword Planner for keyword research. The problem is that Keyword Planner groups keywords with similar meanings and rounds search volumes into buckets. That makes their search volume estimations a bit questionable.

We did a study for over 72,000 random keywords with monthly search volumes between 1,000 and 10,000. Then we compared impression data from Google Search Console with search volume estimations in Google Keyword Planner.

We made sure that the pages had been ranking for these keywords in the top 10 for that same month.

To summarize, we found that Keyword Planner’s search volumes were drastically overestimated most of the time.

So how accurate are Google Keyword Planner’s search volumes? You’ll learn the results from the video.


0:00 Intro
1:14 Our study of over 72,000 keywords
3:44 #1 reason of overestimation
6:15 Overestimations of over 400%

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