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Google launching Policy manager in Google Ads

Google Policy manager.

To help advertisers get a clearer picture of whether their accounts are experiencing any policy restrictions, Google will release a new Policy manager in the Google Ads interface in April.

Why you should care

The new dashboard will show any policy-related issues affecting your ads, keywords or ad extensions. You’ll be able to view and manage disapprovals across your account.

You can currently get more details about why an ad got disapproved by hovering over it. Google said, this year, it will continue to add details about why ads were disapproved.

More on the news

Google said it will add features to the Policy manager, including recommendations for fixing violations, a historical record of your appeals and certifications associated with your account.
Appeals are getting a bit easier, too. You’ll be able to click on a “resubmit” link from the Disapproval notice in an ad and choose the “Dispute decision” option from a pop up. You’ll then be able to track the appeal’s status in Policy manager. This feature will start rolling out in the spring.
Also coming: When you’re creating new ads in the interface, Google will alert you in real-time if it detects a policy violation.

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