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Google Keyword Planner Tutorial for 2022

Check out our video where we cover the Google Ads Keyword Tool aka the Google Keyword Planner for 2022. The keyword planner changes every year so we wanted to make a video showing you how to do keyword research for SEO, keyword research for Google Ads, and all the features so you can refine your targeting.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Ads:

0:21 How to access the Google Keyword Planner
01:22 Getting started with the Google Keyword Planner
03:06 How to search for keywords using your products and services
05:39 How to find keywords using your website or a single page
07:25 Reviewing keyword search volume and Google Ads bids
11:15 How to use ‘Refine Keywords’ in the Keyword Planner
13:15 How to adjust targeting and use filters
19:15 How to download a keyword list for SEO
23:49 How to create a Keyword plan and a Google Ads campaign

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