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Google DV360 testing 3D and YouTube live stream display ad formats

Google Display & Video 360 is testing two new rich media, interactive display ad formats.

Swirl. The swirl display ad format incorporates 3D assets, using the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Designer. With a new editor coming to Google’s 3D platform Poly, marketers can edit and build 3D assets for these display ads.

Users can rotate a 3D object and zoom in and out within the ad. Guerlain is among the brands in the beta test.

The new swirl ad format from Google Display & Video 360.

Extend YouTube live streams. A live stream format allows brands to extend the reach of branded live stream content from YouTube to native display ads using a new template in Google Web Designer. The ad units feature standard YouTube controls for watching, pausing and sharing. The live stream ad test is available across screens and devices.

YouTube live stream content can extend to display ad inventory via Google Display & Video 360.

Why we should care. Google has been relatively slow to offer immersive display ad experiences like the swirl format. Companies such as Advertas, Omnivirt, PadSquad and Vertebrae have been offering 360-degree, AR and other interactive ad experiences for some time. But with updates to its developer platform ARCore and new Poly editor, which will be available for brands and advertisers this summer, Google is making a push to expand AR and interactive capabilities to its content and advertising offerings.

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