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Many people have taken HubSpot courses, yet they’re still struggling to generate any kind of real results from their inbound marketing efforts.

Don’t get us wrong, HubSpot’s courses are a great start, and we recommend them to all of our clients and staff. However, we’ve found that fundamental principles that truly make inbound work are missing from their courses.

Here at IMPACT, we focus exclusively on a set of principles that unlocks the tools, education, and community needed to truly adopt the business framework that has helped thousands of companies drive more sales from their inbound marketing. From Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask, You Answer fundamentals course to keynotes and event sessions that cover the 10 core concepts, you’ll get everything you need to take your team’s game up a notch – and you can get started for free.

In these courses, we’ll show you the exact principles and tactics we implement with our clients that lead to incredible results.

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Let’s get started.

Learn the fundamentals of successful inbound marketing

Nothing is more important to your inbound marketing success than having a solid foundation for your company to build from so that everyone is aligned and on the same page. And no one is better at providing that foundation than Marcus Sheridan, who outlined his approach in his book, They Ask, You Answer.

What is They Ask, You Answer? Well, it’s a revolutionary approach to inbound marketing that has empowered thousands of companies around the world to reach their most aggressive traffic, sales, and leads goals. That’s why Marcus’ course is the best place to start. And the best part is this course is always free!

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Discover how to align sales and marketing

Sales and marketing can’t be acting independently; they have to be aligned and marching in the same direction. So that means effectively using content in the sales process, from prospecting to closing, with the goal of yielding better-educated prospects. 

We teach our clients that five content topics are sure to drive the most organic traffic, qualified leads, and quick sales. When your company is prepared to address The Big 5 questions potential customers usually ask, you won’t be waiting a year or more to see results. Businesses willing to address these questions see an immediate rise in qualified traffic, a steady stream of qualified leads, and a dramatic increase in sales, in less time. 

Free videos that show you how to create content that drives sales

Your website content works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your website is populated correctly – with assignment selling – you can leverage your content in the sales process, spending less time educating in sales meetings, and ensuring you’re always working with qualified prospects. But no matter how much you publish great traffic-driving, lead-generating content, many of you still have sales teams saying, “You’re still not publishing what we need,” or “Yeah, only maybe 1% of our content helps me close any deals.” We’ve got some tips to help you avoid that mistake.

Understand how to use video to move accounts forward

You also need to align your teams around a common vision with video, to make highly effective content, and ensure your video journey is done with confidence. Video is an incredibly powerful medium that makes it easier than ever to evoke emotion and forge human connections at scale. 

For organizations that sell primarily to other businesses, B2B video marketing has emerged as an incredibly effective tactic for reaching, educating, and nurturing potential customers. Use video to get more views, attract more attendees to webinars and virtual events, and move accounts forward in the sales cycle. 

Learn how to manage your content

To increase traffic, leads, and sales for your company, you absolutely need to hire a content manager to own your content creation efforts. A well-trained in-house content team is faster, less expensive, and better aligned with your organization’s needs than an external agency. And after you’ve hired your content manager, that newcomer will likely have a few questions. We’ve got answers.

Master the art of creating an effective website

Your business website should be your No. 1 salesperson, driving traffic, leads, and sales every single day of the year, without ever needing a vacation. Unfortunately, too often businesses stand in their own way of achieving this reality. Why? By not making enough of an investment in their website’s user experience to make it a magnet for their ideal buyers. 

By looking at the ways that digital consumers have changed, you can highlight some basic principles to apply to your website to make it perform better in search results, convert more visitors and sales, and ultimately get ever-closer to creating an online experience that will help your business be regarded as the expert of your industry.

Become able to maximize your social media effort

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Google, your social media experience can be a key tool for driving sales. By understanding the fundamentals of social media for business, you’ll be able to drive traffic, leads, and revenue; foster engagement with your content; and create a positive representation of your brand online. If you fail to successfully optimize your social media presence, you will be actively turning leads away, so you’ve got to get this right. 

Review the marketing tools that help you succeed

Your sales organization needs to utilize CRMs and other sales technology to sell better and track performance. Understanding how powerful sales technology can be for you as an individual and an organization will serve as a catalyst for getting started. And you can’t forget the importance of self-selection tools and personalized digital experiences that help shorten the sales cycle, improve conversion rates, and ultimately provide a buyer-centric experience on your website.

What to do next

More than 7,500 members around the world have implemented or are in the process of implementing They Ask, You Answer in their businesses. With IMPACT+, you’ll also gain access to a wide array of advice and insights from members just starting their journey to those that have mastered the framework in their businesses.

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