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Flipboard Community Manager Shares the Power of Content & Storytelling at 12th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference

Jenn De La Vega is the community manager for Flipboard, a leading platform enabling publishers and brands to share their content, optimized for mobile devices, with their desired audiences. I’m really looking forward to Jenn’s presentation at this year’s Smart Hustle Small Business Conference on November 1st, where she will be talking about how content is a powerful way to share your company’s story, build brand exposure and drive leads and sales. But those of us in the content game know that a key factor in producing successful content is the way it connects with your unique audience and helps you build the right kind of relationship with them.

So I thought it would be a good idea to get to know Jenn a little better. Here are some questions I asked her:

Deborah – I understand you’re going to be talking about the power of content marketing and storytelling. What kind of stories do you think people should be sharing on their business blogs, for example?

Jenn – On Flipboard, we encourage folks to pursue and share their passions. You can make digital magazines from your business blogs posts and social to tell that story. I personally love hearing about unique journeys, aha moments and lessons learned.

Deborah –  Many small business people are hustling side gigs. You are involved in a number of activities. and projects. How do you balance them?

Jenn – It’s a push and pull from week to week but I’m lucky to have a flexible work schedule and seek out strong as heck wifi when I’m traveling. I don’t have downtime for tv. In fact, I’m never usually bored. My projects hum on a monthly cadence, so I know what to expect and when. I’ve made morning routines for different projects and look forward to them. That way, they inch along and suddenly look like momentum over the long term. It’s encouraging.

Deborah –  I recently found an article following the trail of flips from your Fliipboard page, that talked about the worst foods to eat on a first date. It listed pretty much everything worth eating. Do you have any suggestions for a good first date food? Is there anything??

Jenn – I actually prefer a cocktail. Dinner is such a time and money commitment when you’re first getting to know someone. I also don’t think there should be rules about first-date food. My parents went to an all you can eat crab feed and made a mess…here I am now!

Deborah – Have you ever been on Chopped, and would you want to be? (I have a not-so-secret desire to be on that show…)

Jenn – I have not! I did love appearing on Guy’s Grocery Games, which was like Supermarket Sweep but with cooking. I’d love to go on Chopped. A lot of my culinary pursuits are random ingredients and experimental in nature so I’d have fun creating something new on the fly. Those baskets don’t scare me!
So join us at the 12th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference, where Jenn De La Vega will share her best tips on how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use the power of content marketing and storytelling to grow their businesses. The conference takes place on November 1st in midtown Manhattan and continues to be New York’s premier event for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to GROW.

Created by entrepreneur and bestselling author Ramon Ray, the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference provides small business owners with the opportunity to connect with other business owners while showing them the tangible and practical tools they need to successfully grow their small business.

Conference speakers and topics include but are not limited to….

Leadership Lessons from a NYC Cop  – Captain Joseph Fox, New York City Police Department
How To Set the Right Price – Lisa Hendrickson, Strategist and Speaker
Successful Selling Is Not A Secret – Tony Rodoni, Salesforce
Using Content to Tell A Story – Jenn De La Vega, FlipBoard
Scaling and Growing Successfully – Chieh Huang,
How To Get Media Attention – Becca Brown, Solemates

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