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Doordash’s $41M / Month Landing Page Review

In this video, we do a complete teardown of the DoorDash million-dollar page and give you practical takeaways to apply to your site.

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DoorDash reported 850 million dollars in revenue in 2019. And in 2020, that number grew by over 300%.

This growth rate was triggered by the pandemic as people weren’t going to restaurants and supermarkets. As a result, food delivery skyrocketed.

DoorDash continued to grow and rapidly gain more market share in the food delivery space in 2021. One reason for their consistent growth is their strong presence in organic search where their competitors failed to appear.

But what’s more important is the traffic value. DoorDash is ranking high for lucrative queries that millions of people search for every month. As a result, a bunch of their pages have traffic values of well over a million dollars per month. And they get millions of dollars per month from these pages.

In this video we’ll show you:

► a high-level view of the page and its SEO stats (organic traffic, traffic value, and referring domains);
► our thoughts on why we think this page ranks so high;
► a full breakdown of the page and a deeper look to the metrics to support our hypotheses.

Watch the video to learn the results of our analysis and key takeaways.


0:00 Intro
4:45 High level overview of the page
6:48 Why this page ranks so well
9:06 The page teardown
13:24 PR cycling
15:32 The key takeaways

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