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Creating Viral Images with Rebekah Radice


Visuals are an important part of any content marketing strategy, but with so many images out there, it can be hard to make yours stand out. That’s why I was happy to welcome Rebekah Radice back to The Manly Pinterest Tips Show to talk about how to create viral images.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of her, Rebekah is an award-winning writer, social media strategist, and the Global Brand Ambassador for Post Planner. (If you’re wondering what that is, she explains it in our interview.) She is also the author of “How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition” and was recently named a top 10 social media blog by Social Media Examiner for the second year in a row as well as one of the top ten most shared content marketers.

Rebekah knows a thing or two about creating great images and has been doing it quite successfully for her brand. She talks us through the process of experimenting, refining, and finding what works. Thankfully, according to Rebekah, creating images doesn’t have to be complicated. She recommends making it easy on yourself by creating a mini style guide and working from templates, and she has some great tips for following that time-saving advice.

She also discusses topics such as the place of stock photos, and great tools and apps to use for creating unique and memorable images.

 Here’s a list of questions we discussed:

Global Brand Ambassador? What exactly is that? (1:16)
Why do you think visuals are so important in 2016? (7:39)
What advice would you give people who are just starting working on their brand? (10:40)
When you think of a great image, what are the top attributes that stand out to you? (12:50)
Do you think we are getting overwhelmed with images, or do you see this as a trend and something the audience will continue to be hungry for? (16:16)
There are so many great tools now that make creating images easier than ever before. What tools do you use and recommend? (18:40)
Since there is a low barrier to entry, how can you make your images stand out today? (21:36)
Stock photos vs. your own – what do you recommend? (26:17)
Is it ok to be controversial in your images? (30:53)
Quote graphics: are they here to stay? (34:39)
Let’s break down the images that work best on different platforms. It still seems that the longer or portrait style images work best on Pinterest. What about Instagram? Even though you can post different sizes of images now, do square images still do best? (37:45)
Twitter – you can put different size images in now. What do you recommend? (39:20)
And Google+. I kinda cut my teeth there when I first got started, but, with the move to collections, things have changed. Do you have any recommendations there for images? (41:21)

Questions from the audience:

Rob Russo: Is there a proven combination i.e. fonts + color + photo. Would this combo work across the board or vary depending on location used, i.e. across various social networks? (45:30)
Craig Carpenter: How can someone better plan their content to coincide with topics that are predicted to trend? (48:25)
Alisa Meredith: How can you keep a consistent look and feel for branding without things becoming stale? (51:05)
What’s the best place to find out about you and your services? (53:12)

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Thanks to Rebekah for being such a great guest.  See you for the next episode where we’ll be adding testosterone, one pin at a time!

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