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Cottagecore is the latest aesthetic taking over the internet. We put together the ultimate starter kit to creating the calming, pastoral life of your Instagram dreams.

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Cottagecore has become the aesthetic of quarantine.
The look marries vintage whimsy with bucolic beauty, favoring gingham prints, baked goods, and picnics.
The digital subculture gained traction before the pandemic, but it saw new momentum as people began social distancing.
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If the 1800s’ Victorian era met the 1970s’ bohemian period in the English countryside, you’d get cottagecore.

Cottagecore, the latest digital subculture taking over the Internet, has a cozy, ethereal aesthetic. Cottagecore style emits a whimsical feel in a muted color palette. Cottagecore activities include picnicking, foraging for flowers, and baking — and, of course, Instagramming it. Cottagecore living involves rustic houses, farm animals, and the soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s “folklore.”

Part fairy tale, part nostalgia, the aesthetic partly arises from the fantasy of a more calming world. It gained traction in January and spiked again in March as people began social distancing, reported Insider’s Palmer Haasch. It served as a means of escapism during isolation, she wrote.

“We all need to escape from this reality of being caged in our own homes, daydreaming about an ideal life we could have after the crisis is over,” Sofia Giuntoli, a 22-year-old cottagecore blogger from Milan, Italy who runs, told Haasch in April.

Here, the ultimate starter kit on the cottagecore lifestyle.

The products: Cottagecore has two beauty looks. One plays to the innocence of the aesthetic, so you’ll need pink blush and pink gloss for a natural, youthful look.

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The other look is otherworldly and ethereal. For that, you’ll need floral face tattoos.

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The clothes: Cottagecore is all about a vintage, nostalgic style that’s whimsical and feminine. Think ruffles, puff sleeves, and milkmaid necklines.

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