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Billy Gene Shaw’s Million-Dollar Video Ad Formula That Works Again and Again and Again

When it comes to creating video ads, specifically ones that work, Billy Gene Shaw is on top.

And if you have ever seen any of his Billy Gene Is Marketing ads online—and let’s be honest, you probably have—you will know that his ads really do work. That’s because he follows a million dollar video ad formula. And he took the stage at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 to tell us all about it.

This formula was so good that we couldn’t keep it quiet any longer, so we have the recording of that T&C session to share with you. Watch the video here or keep scrolling to read the full transcript. Whichever you choose, make sure you implement this foolproof video ad formula in your own business, and watch the ROI flow in.

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Full Video Transcript

Gary Vaynerchuk:          Billy Gene is trying to sell you a product.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I can understand why you think that because your dad handed you a $3 million a year company so you don’t know what it’s like to need to sell to be successful. You guys want to sell more… Here’s what they don’t teach you in school. The color of your skin absolutely changes the way that you buy… $25,000 to the girl who lets me shave her hair.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s a great idea, like exploit your kid for likes all day. One of the things that gets people to watch: things that look like penises. If there was a rock in the form of penis that was really just a rock. Yeah.

Sam:                             That was weird. That was really, really weird.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Was that a weird ass introduction? The Million Dollar Ad Formula. Words, plus sounds, plus visuals equals trust. Thank you. That’s my time.

Billy Gene Shaw:           So listen to me take a picture of this next slide. People don’t buy for one reason They don’t believe you. They don’t believe you. They don’t trust your company. They don’t trust your promises, like you’ll make 30K in 30 days, or that you have the best customer service, or that your business is that much different than your competitors. They simply don’t believe you.

Billy Gene Shaw:           And a lot of you here don’t trust that this Million Dollar Ad Formula will work for you. Let me ask you guys a question, by show of hands. How many of you have ever seen my ads before? Look around? That’s what spending a lot of money does. The follow up question to that is please stand up right now, if you think I could have shown you a video that built a lot more trust.

Billy Gene Shaw:           It’s a trick question. Stand up. Don’t mess up my whole damn presentation. Stand up. Are you guys like, “I don’t know. I already trust your bill.” Whatever. It’s fine. Say whatever you want. We’re going to start all over. We’re going to do that introduction again, but this time with a different more trusting video. Sam, if you can give me another intro in the show. Let’s try that again. All right. Thank you

Sam:                             All right. I like that one a little bit better.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Did that feel better?

Sam:                             That was good.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That was-

Sam:                             All right. Bill. Give it up for Billy Gene is fatherhood.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Thank you. A different feel. A different energy. Do you guys trust me a little bit more now. I guilted you with my daughter. You kind of an ass if you don’t say yeah. Thank you. Let’s jump into the psychology of that. Why is there more trust from a controversial to father bill video. Same formula applies, words, sounds, visual.

Billy Gene Shaw:           The quote I said in the first video was exploit your kids for likes and some of your are like, “Oh, that’s cool. I’ll try it.” The sound was that deep boom, listen to it. Stress, alarming, suspense, intense. All of that factors into how you perceive me. In addition to that, I showed you a visual of me holding my chief marketing officers hair and say I was going to shave it off.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Should you trust me? Now, let’s flip that. What the words and the second video was, I love your work, you know you’re worth to my daughter. The sound, heartfelt, relaxing, airplane. Fall asleep through it. Then in addition to that the visuals, myself and my daughter, take a picture of this slide formula.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Now, does anybody want to see the $2 Million Ad Formula like I did. Take a picture of the slide, next, see if you’re awake, baby. Let’s move on. Watch what happens when I add these three elements to my next introduction. I’ll reveal them as I go. I want you to notice the impact that it has on the entire room. So can you guys play along with me? What?

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Some of y’all are new to one of my talks. I don’t do that no energy shit. It’s not for me. Hey, AV can we hit the lights? Starting it up a little bit? Thank you kindly. Everybody, can you stand up please. Can we go ahead and we take out our cell phones and light them up like a concert. It already feels different, doesn’t it? We’d even start the video yet.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Okay. And then AV when the music comes on to this video. I want you to bump that. Turn it up. Okay. You guys control the environment, you will receive the video differently just by how you watch it. Okay. I’m going to spice it up one more time. Hold on. No, no, no, not yet. Not yet. There it is. Okay. Listen.

Billy Gene Shaw:           When I come out to this one, I want you guys to go absolutely berserk. And my teams here, we’re going to choose one random person. I’m going to give you $1,000 sound fair? All right, here we go. Let’s try it one more time. Last introduction, I promise then we can start learning some stuff.

Speaker 7:                    There’s too many people out there, talking about the manifestation of money.

Billy Gene Shaw:           My name is Billy Gene. I’m the best in the world when it comes to using social media, paid advertising, to find customers, for any business under the sun.

Speaker 8:                    Billy Gene.

Speaker 9:                    Billy Gene.

Speaker 10:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 11:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 12:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 13:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 14:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 15:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 16:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 17:                  Billy Gene.

Speaker 18:                  Billy gene.

Speaker 19:                  Billy Gene is marketing.

Speaker 20:                  Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re here to create a Million Dollar Video Ad, get on your feet and make some noise in three, two, one.

Billy Gene Shaw:           All right. Everybody.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Get up. Get up. Go.

Billy Gene Shaw:           How much better. How much better. How much better. Yes. Yes. Okay. All right. Now, you have to sit down you look ridiculous. Change things right? It was a video. It was a video. We turned off the lights. You turned on your cell phone, nothing crazy happened. So what’s the $2 Million Video Ad Formula? Let’s break it down.

Billy Gene Shaw:           First were the words, what other people were saying, Billy Gene is marketing in addition to that, the music, it was hype music, it made you want to dance and go to the club, etc. In addition to that… Wait, we don’t need to play. Okay.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Makes you dance can do anything about it. In addition to that, the visuals, there was social proof built in. We showed other stages and audiences and how they reacted and that transfer that permission to you guys. In addition to this, we threw in the environment, you guys were in a different place a different energy.

Billy Gene Shaw:           In addition to that, the association how many of you recognize somebody in that video saying Billy Jean is marketing by show of hands? It’s like cheating in your videos. Okay. By the way, this is the first time I ever done this presentation. I’ll give you guys a heads up what’s about to happen in a couple minutes. Is just ridiculous. Okay.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I just want to tell you. This quote is pretty cool. I’ll give you the worksheets. Come on you know that’s my hook at the end stop. Making your customers fall in love with your brand isn’t luck it’s science. Let’s talk about this. Each element. Look at the words, exploit your kids for likes all day. I love your work you know your worth.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Other people saying Billy Gene is marketing. Even feel the energy immediately in the different sounds. Here we go. Intense, stress, versus the next one. Heart fell. The screens. All that makes an impact and then lastly. That Bill. Okay. The visuals, grabbing my CMO hair. My daughter. The stage. Environment.

Billy Gene Shaw:           You guys completely turned up. The association. The props using the cell phone. You guys take a picture of this one, because I don’t know if this is in the worksheets. Okay? But all of this is used to influence trust.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s the game. So on the bottom there, the trust level is what changed. When you saw the first video I’m saying like racist stuff. I’m talking about my kids. I’m beefing with Gary Vee like, “Holy cow. WTF?” I’m skeptical. Then when you see the daddy daughter day, you’re like, “Oh my god, just I don’t know, I just feel good about him. I don’t know what it is. I get a good feeling, something.”

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Billy Gene Shaw:           Then when you see the other ones, it’s like, “Oh, damn, he knows this person, this person, this person, he must be legit.” Science. Okay. This was presentation just takes a whole different type of turn. Why put all this energy into video? Why do this? Because competition is at an all time high, as you guys already know.

Billy Gene Shaw:           There’s a bunch of advertisers and only a little bit of real estate and meaning the actual space on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. How do you get attention and in an overcrowded marketplace? How do you get attention in an overcrowded marketplace? It’s simple, you’d be polarizing. But listen to me.

Billy Gene Shaw:           People like to hype up that word polarizing. You think you have to say mean things and attack people and all that jazz. But the truth is to be polarizing, all you have to do is start telling people how you really feel. It’s called being honest. And we’re going to show you a demonstration to show you how powerful this can be and uncomfortable.

Billy Gene Shaw:           How many of you are down to make a polarizing video right now by show of hands? The one’s that didn’t raise your hand, security, lock the doors. Don’t let them out. They go learn today. So here’s a little clip of last year. Anybody here in my talk last year at TMC? Couple of you. So just to show you the energy, how they were vibe last year, here’s a little highlight.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Seems like an episode of Walking Dead. Just people excited for no reason. I hope we can beat that this year. But this was way more comfortable to the point where I showed my team they’re like, “Dude, really? Do we have to go this far?” Yes. Because you’ll remember it and it will change the way that you do business. So, big disclaimer, this is pretend.

Billy Gene Shaw:           What we’re about to do is not real. So don’t get for real mad. It’s fake. Everybody was going to count three say the word pretend one, two, three pretend. Okay. I’m going to hold you to do that. All right. Do me a favor. Go ahead and stand up. Partner with the person right next to you. Partner with the person right next to you.

Billy Gene Shaw:           For the sake of time, I got a lot to cover. Okay. Right next to you. Take out your cell phones. Y’all remember this from last year? One of is the actor. One of you is the director. Okay. The actors, you’re going to say some weird stuff. Okay. When you have your cell phones out, make sure they’re horizontal. That means left to right. Like showed in the picture here. Okay?

Billy Gene Shaw:           Then actors, I need you to make me a promise. Promise that you’re going to read whatever is on the slide I’m going to show you. Say I promise. Say I promise.

Audience:                    I promise.

Billy Gene Shaw:           They locked the door so don’t really… Okay. Listen to me. You’re going to say with whatever emotion comes naturally to you. But you got to say it loudly. And again, you’re not going to offend anybody. You’re going to be mean to anybody. You’re just going to tell your truth. So, directors turn on the cameras and hit record. Go ahead and hit record. That right and here we go.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Here comes the line. When I count down from three, I want you to look into the camera, go all in and say Trump. Wait, wait. Hold on. You excited. You can tell he knows where this is going. No matter what, no matter how you feel, is the best president of all time. Okay. Here we go. On the count of three. Here it is. One, two, three.

Audience:                    Trump is the best president of all time.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Oh my god, you guys are so polarizing. Jeez. We’re not done yet switch cameras. Now the other person is going to go on the acting side. That one’s a little fun. That one’s a little uplifting even though I’m looking around and some of you literally didn’t say it. You really got mad at the person next to you some of you are switching seats because it offended you that they like something that you didn’t.

Billy Gene Shaw:           You’re so polarizing. All you did was say what you like. So now there’s next. This thing a little weird. Okay. One more time, pretend.

Audience:                    Pretend.

Billy Gene Shaw:           This one’s pretend. This is not… Okay. Here we go. Same thing but I want you to feel the energy of the room shift when we say this one. God is not real. Listen to that. Look at the person across from you. I want you to feel that. Pretend. Here we go on the count of three, one, two, three.

Audience:                    God is not real.

Billy Gene Shaw:           It doesn’t feel good, does it? Some people are like, “What the hell is going on? I’m calling Deiss. This has gone too far.” Okay. We talked about politics, we talked about religion. So now of course, we got to talk about sex, have a seat. Have a seat. There’s one more layer to this. Okay. Now again, the point of that exercise is realizing that again, did we say anything offensive to anybody. Did we call someone out of their name? Were we rude to somebody?

Billy Gene Shaw:           Or we were just taking our own stance and saying what we personally believe. So don’t think of polarizing as this evil thing. It’s just being honest. Some of you really believe what you just said. And your reactions recorded so you can look at that later. Okay. Here we go. Sex time. Take out your phones while you’re sitting. Okay, everybody log into Instagram. Login to Instagram.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Okay. I’m going to have you scroll Instagram for 10 seconds. I’m going to have you scroll Instagram for 10 seconds. On your mark, get set. You guys ready first of all? No? How long does it take to open Instagram? Act like you weren’t on it already anyway. That’s crazy. You ready?

Speaker 11:                  Go.

Billy Gene Shaw:           All right. Okay. Thank you for being ready. You know what? You just won the thousand dollars. She was ready. Okay. It will come eventually. Okay. No, my team will give it to you, we’ll Paypal or some shit. Okay. There we go. Distraction. Let’s come back. The timer. Here we go. Start scrolling. Instagram just scroll, scroll, scroll, keep scrolling. Scroll.

Billy Gene Shaw:           What do you see? Take a mental note. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. 10 seconds is up. Stop looking at your phone. Important question. By show of hands, how many of you in the last 10 seconds saw butt cheeks? Look around. Then you have some people, I can see the hands, they’re like, “Yeah, I saw. I saw a cheek or two.”

Billy Gene Shaw:           It’s a phenomenon. You go on Instagram, you see, butt, it just gets a lot of clicks. Now, let me explain where I’m going with this, because I’m getting a little weird. Okay. Anybody ever created an ad before? Anybody created a video before? Anybody put that video out and then literally nobody saw it. It was the most inflating thing ever?

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s everybody here. Stop playing. Okay. Boring will put you out of business in 2019 and I’m going to explain to you guys why butt cheeks are dominating your newsfeed. And I mean this seriously, okay? Because even though there’s butt on Instagram, your customers are also hanging out there, and you want them to buy stuff from you.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I’m going to give you the most non-techie explanation for how Facebook, Instagram and YouTube work. I know this is traveling conversion summit. And we like the tech stuff. But I promise you guys, it’s really this simple, especially for all of you that believe that the algorithm is out to get you. No, it’s not.

Billy Gene Shaw:           It’s actually been the same since the beginning. So let’s talk about that. Take two advertisers, advertiser A and advertiser B. And let’s say advertiser A wants to show an ad to 100 people. And then let’s say advertiser B, wants to show an ad or their post to those same 100 people.

Billy Gene Shaw:           But the difference is advertisers A video gets clicked two times. Advertiser B’s video gets clicked five times. Now let’s assume that they’re both paying $1 per click. Advertiser A pays Facebook how much money?

Audience:                    $2 dollars.

Billy Gene Shaw:           How much? Two bucks. Advertiser B, makes Facebook how much money?

Audience:                    Five bucks.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Which ad are they going to show? Your business is A, butt cheeks are B. That’s the algorithm. Is that simple. They are for profit company and they make more money from other stuff that’s more interesting than your stuff. Anybody have a light bulb moment right there. All these damn excuses. That’s it. Now let’s move forward.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Okay. So moral of the story, your content needs to be greater than butt cheeks. Take a picture of that slide. It’s very powerful. It’s a big deal there. It also needs to be greater than politics, animals, babies. That’s my daughter, weddings, and cars. Especially with license plates that say I’m black.

Billy Gene Shaw:           It’s a great product. It’s a great slide right now. It works. It’s how get engagement on my advertisements. Okay? And butt cheeks. Yeah, just I don’t know why that wasn’t in there. Who put that in there. Who did that? Okay. Anyway. Let’s go back. Another fun fact, Facebook, I’m going to read this one verbatim, so don’t mess it up.

Billy Gene Shaw:           If you have good content, they will charge you less money to show your stuff to incentivize you to spend more money. So fun fact for my good content creators out there and here it is. Same scenario. Advertise A shows an ad to 100 people, advertiser B wants to show it to the same people.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Two people click, five people click, but this time, Facebook only charges advertiser B 50 cents to reward them for having great content and even with that discount, they are still making more money than showing advertiser A’s content. That’s how you get a lower cost per click. If that makes sense say yes.

Audience:                    Yes.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I like it. Okay. Guess what? You guys want to get into some more weird stuff.

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           God’s not real. God too much, Bill.All right. Let’s go to a script. How can you make your videos more attractive than butt cheeks? Okay. Let’s, talk about that. The answer is short. This is actually worth taking a picture of, let me go. Can you go one back? There it is. Take a stand for your customer. Take a stand for your customer. Let me explain this and why you guys were so offended when we did that exercise.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Okay. Number one, you want to take a stand for your customer, defend their heroes. To some of you Trump is a hero. So when we’re doing that exercise and someone says they’re the best president of all time. Hell yes. I’ve been trying to tell you. Then you’re best friends with that person immediately.

Billy Gene Shaw:           For some of you, this guy was your hero. There it is. I make an advertisement defending him and it’s like, “Oh yeah, that’s my people. That’s my guy.” This is how you get people to fall in love with you. Defend their heroes. Then if you want to go one layer deeper, you know what you do? You defend their beliefs.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Remember that whole slide about God? By the way, I went to private Catholic school my whole life. Even making that slide was weird. I felt like somebody was watching me. I wasn’t going to sleep tonight. It was strange, for real. Defend their beliefs. Defend their beliefs. Okay. When you take a stand for your customers, what are they going to do?

Billy Gene Shaw:           They’re going to trust you and when they trust you they’re going to buy from you. This is a Million Dollar Ad Formula. It’s not this complicated thing. However, the best brands in the world not only defend their heroes, but they attack their villains. Now this next company I’m going to show you I cannot stand.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I have a strong hatred for them, but they are the best marketing company in the world. I’m going to show you a video they created to this every hero has a villain concept. Can we turn on the lights for a second and key this video up? Thank you guys. Kindly here we go in three, two, one.

Speaker 21:                  Hello, I’m a Mac.

Speaker 22:                  Hello, I’m a PC.

Speaker 21:                  We’ve aligned counting these days. We both run Microsoft Office.

Speaker 22:                  We both run Microsoft office. We share files. It’s great we just get along.

Speaker 21:                  PC

Speaker 22:                  Hi, I’m a PC.

Speaker 21:                  Pass that. We moved beyond that.

Speaker 22:                  Yeah, I have to restart there. You know how it is.

Speaker 21:                  Actually, I don’t.

Speaker 22:                  Oh, what Mac does have to…

Speaker 21:                  Had him and we lost him. I’m going to go get IT. Keep eye on him.

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Billy Gene Shaw:           Anybody remembers that? How many of you have a iPhones in here? Show of hands. Look around. You disgust me. You really do. You know, iPhone people always like… This is why I don’t get about you guys this complete tangent. But they sold you guys the same phone like 13 times, but this is a crazy thing. First they made it bigger, then they made it smaller, then they made it bigger again.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Then they made it smaller again. Then they said you can’t use your earphones anymore. And you guys are like, “Yes, Apple. Come on. Woo hoo” What? That’s the impact of a villain. How many of you feel like if you traded your phone in for an Android today, you’d be like, “Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m betraying them.” Show of hands.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s brand loyalty. And I show this example because a lot of you are like, “Well, my industry is a physical product. How can I have a hero and villain.” It’s a computer. If this is making sense say yes.

Audience:                    Yes.

Billy Gene Shaw:           All right. Let’s keep on rolling. Recap real quick. Think about your words, sounds, and visuals. Add your props, environment, and associations. Get attention by telling your customers how you really feel aka being polarizing, which is not a real thing. Four is identify your customers heroes. And then five is identify your customers villains.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Got your pictures? I’m going to go too fast again. They’ll be crying, “Oh, go back.” All right, here we go. Does anyone struggle when you go to do your videos about what to actually say? Is that problem for anybody? Like you get your camera setup, you feel good about it, but you’re like, “Damn it what now?” Would anybody like me to teach you right now my five part video script that you can use right now to start getting more customers.

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s pretty good actually. I was expecting to ask again but okay. Are you sure?

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I like you guys. I’m telling you, I really do. Okay. Let’s get into it. For this example, I’m going to build this script for agency owners specifically. It works for everything. But agency owners since a lot of you guys out here I’m sure. So that’s why I chose to focus on this topic for this example. So part one is piss them off.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Piss them off, okay? You ask yourself one question, who is your customers villain? So for agency owners who want to do marketing for businesses, the customer’s villain is who? That guy right there. Zucks. They’re mad at him. They’re ripping me off. They’re lying. You guys ever heard that shit? My customer is not on Facebook. Tell me if you heard somebody say that.

Billy Gene Shaw:           What, you live in a rock? What do you mean? Okay. Third one. People don’t click on Facebook ads and they most definitely don’t buy on Facebook ads Mr. Shaw. 2013, you know how many gyms told me that? Yeah, that’s cool man but Facebook ads just doesn’t work. 400 Orangetheory Fitness later. True story. Anyways, I thought that was cool moment.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Paul, make sure we filmed that. Okay. How do you turn this exercise into a video script? How do you turn this exercise into a video script? By adding this one simple question. Take a picture of that later. Is there anything more frustrating than, insert the exercise.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Sounds like this. Is there anything more frustrating than getting ripped off by Facebook? You spend 100 bucks get 100 clicks, but zero leads it’s got to be a scam Sam. And when you do get a lead the quality is absolute crap. You know, dang well, your customer is not on Facebook. And if they are they definitely aren’t clicking ads, and they most certainly aren’t buying your stuff.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s pretty good. One simple exercise that every single person can do right here. Let’s go to part two eliminate their guilt. As human beings, we love to not take accountability for anything in our life. If we can blame some stuff on other people, it’s just the best day ever. So what is your customer want to blame? I’ll tell you.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Well, the prices are just too high right now. It’s way too competitive. Is Facebook even the thing anymore? I don’t know. Isn’t that what they say. Algorithms always changing. That was not just big butt cheeks. And lastly, it’s impossible to scale. But I spent six bucks I was killing it. But then when spent 12, it just broke.

Billy Gene Shaw:           This a real conversation. Step three, give them the solution and ask yourself this question. What belief of theirs will you take a stand for? What belief of theirs will you take a stand for? In this particular case, it’s advertising should be profitable, not an expense.

Billy Gene Shaw:           People hate losing money, especially when they’re running ads. Okay? And then you have to explain why your product or service is the hero. How can you do that? Money Back Guarantee. Your biggest fear is losing money well go. This is what I did to grow my agency. Because it was good, if it doesn’t work I’ll give you your money back. You know what it made me do? Actually give a damn.

Billy Gene Shaw:           How to get results. How to win. That’s why I got good at this stuff. I didn’t get paid if I didn’t. And I never had the money to give them back too. I got away. I can’t pay you back anyway. Okay. Next, is deliver quality leads. Third is, case studies and testimonials. Go ahead, take picture of that.

Billy Gene Shaw:           And again, this is an exercise that you guys can use every single day till the end of time to make videos and sell stuff. Okay. Let’s go to part four, easy and urgent call to action. Give them a fast and low resistance way to get rid of the pain. Sounds like this. Click the button and I’ll send you blank. Click the button and I’ll ship you blank. Click the button and I’ll save you blank.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Simple, click the button and I’ll send you this free PDF, click the button and I’ll ship you this book, but you have to pay the shipping. Click the button and I’ll save you a seat in my new master class, da, da, da, sounds familiar?

Billy Gene Shaw:           It’s math. Science. It works. Tested all the time. Okay. Let’s put it all together. And this is the worksheet you guys definitely want. Definitely want. Okay. All I’m going to do is I’m going to read the entire script now from top to bottom, but all I’m doing is leveraging the Million Dollar Ad Formula. Okay.

Billy Gene Shaw:           It would sound something like this part one, getting ripped off by Facebook, you spend 100 bucks get 100 clicks but zero leads it’s got to be a scam. And when you get a lead the quality is absolute crap. You know, dang well your customer isn’t on Facebook. And if they are, they definitely aren’t clicking ads and they certainly aren’t buying stuff.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Part two. It’s not your fault. Price is at an all time high, algorithm is always changing and everything breaks when you try scaling your ads. Here is a switch. But can I ask you an honest question? Is it possible that it’s not a Facebook error, but it’s a user error?

Billy Gene Shaw:           Part three. Advertising should be profitable not an expense, and it definitely shouldn’t be complicated. So would you like me to run your ads for you? I offer a money back guarantee and more importantly, I guarantee quality leads that actually buy. Part four. Click the button and I’ll send you some customers for free to earn your trust. PS, Billy Gene is marketing. Is this script helpful?

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Is it helpful.

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           You should use it? It’s made me a lot of money. Anybody here to make money? Yeah, use the damn script. It’s good. Really does work. Part Five, make it better the butt cheeks. How do you do that? Going to give you tactical resources right now some of these you may have heard before some of them are brand new to you. Number one is music. Two of my favorite resources. It’s called and

Billy Gene Shaw:           Now why are these music websites fantastic, because they allow you to search for music based on emotion. And they literally cost you like $7 to legally use a song in your advertisements. Two resources they both work super well. This is what it looks like. You just go in there, search the word angry, search the word sad, whatever it may be. Download the song seven bucks put into your videos legally. Simple.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Next, props. Using props in your advertisements, just go with extremely oversized items or really small items. It gets people attention every time. Two websites to get these items from and, also Next is the environment. This one’s free. If you’re like where do I do my video, I don’t want to go my house I don’t feel comfortable with it, etc.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Whatever city you live in, type in Google the top 10 most interesting places. Go there and start using the script and filming. Film on your cellphone by the way, if you see our highly produced ads, the ones that do the best are always the one where I’m just holding my phone in my hand.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Always. Not always, but most the time. And then lastly, is what we like to call dope footage. Dope footage. So there’s a website it’s called Anybody ever heard of it? It will change your life, Here’s what it allows you to do, to search for any video clip under the sun.

Billy Gene Shaw:           You can type in water, airplane flying, couple fighting, person in the gym. I think you pay a one time fee for a subscription and you can download HD footage that you can put in your videos right now. Is this helpful?

Audience:                    Yes.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I like it. I like you guys. Okay. Don’t clap yet. Not done. Okay. Raise your hand. If you’d like me to give you the Million Dollar Video Ad Worksheet. And these two books right here. It’s called How to create videos that sell bleep. How to sell bleep stuff. Anybody, by [inaudible 00:35:04] who wants it.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s good. We’re going to make a little deal. Okay? If you guys help me make a video advertisement right now for my business, I’ll give you them for free. And by the way, there’s no opt in. I’m just going to give you the page to go to you click a button and you download at the opening of this conference. I heard Ryan Deiss say, “Test something that you can immediately track the ROI with.”

Billy Gene Shaw:           Part that piss me off and why are you saying that man, now I got to do it. So now I’m going to test it and I’m going to implement right now. There’s absolutely no opt in at all. But I will pixel the hell out of you. Okay. So Paul, can you come up on camera? Here’s what I need to do as we close out. Okay.

Billy Gene Shaw:           And by the way, a spectacular timing. I’ve never had a presentation where I finished on time. This is no to sell. Okay. Anyways, Paul, come on stage. If y’all can stand up for me, please. Matter of fact, we’ve got a little time for Q and A. You guys want to do the questions, too?

Audience:                    Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Okay. We’ll that. We’re like three people y’all could stay. All right. Here we go. So close out strong. Stand up. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to film with Paul, the very first part. Okay? And then we’re going to reveal you guys at the last second. So you saw that intro clip of like Damon Johnson saying Billy Gene is marketing and all these other people.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I’m like, “That’s cool. But I want you guys to say it.” What I’m going to ask you is when this camera turns around, and I turned around, I want everyone on the counter three to say, Billy Gene is marketing and then go nuts. Sound fair? And if you go nuts again, I will give another $1,000 to somebody else. Cool?

Audience:                    Yeah


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Billy Gene Shaw:           If it worked once. Do it again. Right. Okay. Here we go. That was an expensive little test. So this better be good. All right. Okay. I always do deep breath before I film. It helps me, right? Hey, what’s up? It’s Billy Gene. And I know you see my ads all over the internet, but you still haven’t bought my stuff? Well, if you’re still on the fence, don’t take my word for it. Take this baby. I’m going to count to three, one, two, three.

Audience:                    Billy Gene is marketing.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Now, buy my shit. Damn it. Thank you guys, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been well. I appreciate you. Thanks for having me. Until next time. Thank you. Come up here, dude.

Sam:                             Is this thing on? One more time for Billy Gene guys.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Hey, Sam, I got eight minutes to do Q and A.

Sam:                             Let’s do it. Come up here dude. One more time. Come on.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I appreciate you. By the way round of applause for you. I told him before, I’m like, “By the way, I have three different introductions and you just say all these lines.” So thank you. I appreciate you.

Sam:                             We’re good.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Okay. Couple of questions. Q and A. Only ask if you want a real honest answer.

Speaker 23:                  What’s the link?

Billy Gene Shaw:           Someone say what’s my name?

Speaker 23:                  The link.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Do we have a microphone? Do we have runners? Or is that unplanned? Did I mess everything up?

Speaker 23:                  What’s the link?

Billy Gene Shaw:           Oh, the link, can you go back to the slide. I don’t know if we can do that without the music, because we attached it. I’ll give it to you one more time. But the music plays. I think it’s Billy’s books. Was that where that was?

Speaker 24:                  What’s the best props to use?

Billy Gene Shaw:           The best props to use?

Speaker 24:                  Yeah. Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           A Ferrari. Let me tell you, like it’s so stupid, right? Because for those of you that know me like these earrings that cost me 12 bucks from Claire’s. I wear basketball shorts and a T-shirt almost every single day to work. Why do I have a Ferrari but yeah, it’s cool. It’s a great prop for my ads. When I include the Ferrari in my ads, people watch and then they complain what a douche.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Oh my God, he’s using this Ferrari. Well, let me see what he’s talking about though. Okay. I don’t show it because I… I got it. I show it because people want to see it. But think about it. We’re programmed from a young age. When we were kids thinking about being an entrepreneur being rich or professional athlete, what do we have on our walls? Posters and fancy cars. That’s what we did.

Speaker 25:                  Right here.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s right.

Speaker 25:                  Billy, how often should somebody be posting videos?

Billy Gene Shaw:           I’m on the… Look, how many of you feel like every time you go online, you see one of my ads. I’m a daily dude. I just think, look, eventually, for businesses to survive over the next three years. They’re going to have to create content and more businesses are getting that. When they do, there’s going to be more what?

Speaker 26:                  Competition.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Competition. So for me, I see it as like, “Dude, I have this three minute window to go all in.” So every single day that I can post, I have a five people in house that just do videos full time, because I see it as like free money. Free opportunity. Free brand. Right. Last month, we spent about 500 grand on our personal brand. Our ads were seen, I think 100 million times.

Billy Gene Shaw:           An episode of shark tank is seen by four to 5 million people. That’s one episode of shark tank. They was 20 Shark Tank episodes. All targeted. All concentrated. Why? Nobody wants to advertise. Then when you do you just putting up an image the barrier to entry for video. People are afraid of it so there’s not as many people. I’m just like, “Cool. I’ll make a video.” Whatever.

Sam:                             Right here, Billy.

Victor Grant:                Hey, Billy. Victor Grant here. I added bots and italics and emojis onto thing. What’s the role of formatting and making things more engaging to increase your relevance score?

Billy Gene Shaw:           Within a Facebook ad? Are you talking about the text? Or are you talking about the video?

Victor Grant:                The text and the video? I mean-

Billy Gene Shaw:           Dude, honestly, it was probably the full presentation for 45 minutes. The key is really just to say something that’s going to get someone’s attention. And unfortunately, what people pay attention to is making them mad. Is literally going against a release.

Billy Gene Shaw:           The reason why we did that exercise, because right now, if I write an advertisement that says, “Dude, if you believe in God, you really should read the rest of this article.” Or, “Hey, if you believe in God, I don’t think you’re that intelligent of a person.”

Billy Gene Shaw:           You’re like, “Wait, what?” That’s the game. Right? That’s the game. And just because you lead with that doesn’t mean you have to… We have a saying in our company, entertain, educate, execute. I got to entertain to get your attention. No matter what I want to teach you if you’re not paying attention to me, doesn’t really matter.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Entertain first, I’ll give you guys a tactical tip what I believe every single person in this room should do. You should sign up for an improv class. I’m dead serious. Go to an improv class. All you do is you go with a couple other people four or five and you role play, and you act and you have fun. It will loosen you up on camera and allow you to show a different side of yourself.

Speaker 28:                  It’s a lot [inaudible 00:42:24].

Billy Gene Shaw:           Yeah. Got you. His question is in regards to, Billy you have a big personality. You also have to understand our ads are seen a lot. It doesn’t mean everybody likes me. I am just really me. So people either absolutely love me. Or they’re like, “I cannot…” You know how many customers and DMs I get a day, bro I got to be honest. I couldn’t stand you the first time I saw your ads. But you changed my life I just got…

Billy Gene Shaw:           I wear that. I understand that I’m put this out, somebody’s going to be rubbed the wrong way. And I’m going to do that to them four or five times. And finally they’re going to listen to one of my messages. I’m going to change their life and they’re going to be best friend. How many of you here felt like that? You saw my ads and you’re like, “I hate this guy.” Look around. It’s a thing.

Speaker 29:                  I know this is a thing, even if it’s positive or negative. Even if people don’t like you they’re going to be interested.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Exactly, and we’ll do. Does anyone have the mic? Do we have the mic? Cool. So sorry about that? One last question and we’ll…

Sam:                             Let’s go right here. Hand right here with the hat.

Dr. Marisol:                  You were talking a lot of butts. And my business is about helping people to poo. So know your poo.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Well, pause. Hold on. You’re threw a lot at me. What happened. You got me. See, you should polarize me, now I’m paying attention.

Dr. Marisol:                  You whole presentation was about butts on Instagram. My platform I’m the queen of the thrones, so I’m a naturopathic doctor I teach people how to know their poo and then own their throne.

Billy Gene Shaw:           That’s what up.

Dr. Marisol:                  Not only on the toilet but in life, right? That’s my gig. I have under one minute video script that I created while I’ve been here-

Billy Gene Shaw:           Read it to everybody plug your stuff. Let’s go.

Dr. Marisol:                  That’s what I want to do. Okay. I need your critique, please. Okay.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I got you.

Dr. Marisol:                  It’s better if I acted on stage though.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I can’t promise that. I can’t promise that. That was a good try though.

Dr. Marisol:                  Okay. And I haven’t trademarked or anything like that, so forgive me. If is not perfect. Squaddie to go potty ain’t so hottie. When you go poo, poo wouldn’t you rather go woo hoo. I’m going to have props obviously. Okay.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Love it.

Dr. Marisol:                  I’m on a mission. Let’s start a movement so we can all have an improvement. I’m Dr. Marisol, your queen of the thrones, click the link below. Don’t you think it’s time you own your thrones? Let’s get this show on the road.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Yeah. All right. Good. You’re rapping about poop.

Dr. Marisol:                  Right I am. Yeah.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Nobody is doing it. But this is one of those things where you’ll get engagement, right? But it may not be the right kind of engagement that you want. Because you want buyer intent. So for me if I had your business, I would do… This is going to sound funky, but funky get it.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I would demonstrate. So for example, how many… This just take such a weird turn. But how many of you-

Dr. Marisol:                  I have a studio-

Billy Gene Shaw:           Wait real quick. Sorry. For a second. How many of you have ever seen a pimple popping video? Show of hands. It’s weird, right? This is the exact reaction like, “Oh my god, I… Oh, it’s still going. Steve, come here man. Let me show you this. This is crazy.” Now you’re watching it and you’re mesmerized. So to me the demonstration of, why would I care about that.

Billy Gene Shaw:           Because there’s a lot of education that’s required. So your whole thing is showing the difference between, what a healthy poop look like versus not healthy. When you have the props and if you want to send me your poop, let me dissect it for free. Whatever it is, right? But my time is up. Thank you guys.

Sam:                             Keep it going for Billy everybody.

Billy Gene Shaw:           I appreciate you man.

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