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Best YouTube Keyword Tools to Get More Views in 2019

Not getting enough views to your YouTube videos? Find out how these 4 YouTube keyword tools help us consistently get more views.

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Video content has been gaining momentum for years. Especially, with YouTube being a powerful platform for promoting your brand and generating leads.

But nailing video marketing takes much more than just uploading videos to your YouTube channel.

Tools can help you get insights into data that will help you identify topics worth your time and effort.

In this video, Sam Oh reveals which tools he’s using to grow the Ahrefs YouTube channel and how to get the most out of them. You’ll learn about:

– which tool to use to monitor YouTube search rankings;
– a handy hack to find popular topics worth piggybacking off of;
– the best tools to find video tags worth adding;
– the tool we’ve used to grow our YouTube SEO traffic exponentially;
– the tools we use to rank our videos on both Google.

Tune in to this tutorial to see which keyword tools you should use to improve your video SEO and grow your channel.

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