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Best Digital Marketing Companies in Afghanistan

Are you looking for the best digital marketing agencies in Afghanistan to meet your business’ digital marketing needs? 

The Internet is the torchbearer of digital marketing and social media’s growth. Afghanistan is a third world country that has seen rapid growth in its economy in the past ten years.

However, the internet scenario still poses a challenge for the digital marketing industry; owing to slow speed and cultural restrictions and this blog, you will be able to find the most suitable digital marketing companies in Afghanistan. 

The Internet is the torchbearer of digital marketing and social media’s growth. Afghanistan is a third world country that has seen rapid growth in its economy in the past 10 years. The internet scenario however still poses a challenge for the digital marketing industry, owing to slow speed and cultural restrictions. 

Afghanistan and the Internet

Up until 2002, till the emergence of 2G networks, the Taliban had placed a restriction on traditional media and had completely banned the internet. This proved to be a speed bump in the growth of the digital marketing industry in the country.

2012 was a turning point for the country’s internet scenario, with 3G making its way, resulting in faster mobile internet and smoother communication than before. As of 2019, about 10 million people in Afghanistan have access to the internet. 

Despite the hindrances in the scope of growth for digital, Afghanistan is not a country without digital marketing agencies. Read on to find out the top digital marketing agencies in Afghanistan.

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List of best 20 Afghanistan digital marketing companies to hire in 2021

1. iClick Agency

iClick Agency is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Afghanistan. Founded in 2020 and based in Kabul, the agency has been on a mission to digitize Afghanistan. Their services include smartphone marketing, target marketing, e-commerce marketing, video, search engine and social media marketing, apart from e-commerce and web development and hosting.

Contact information:

Address: 4th Floor, 1st Apartment, 5th Street, opposite Mirwais Hotaki Middle School, 1006 Dehbori, Kabul, Afghanistan

E-mail ID:

Phone No.: +93 782 92 90 91


2. TechSharks

TechSharks is an award-winning software and digital solutions company based in Afghanistan, spread across 20+ countries. Their services include web design and development, digital marketing, mobile app development, ICT consulting, web hosting, and design and branding solutions.

Contact information:

Address: Askari Business Center, Karte4, Kabul

Phone No.: +093(0)796 5060 12

E-mail ID:


3. Ebtekar Marketing

Ebtekar is a full-service marketing agency located in Kabul, Afghanistan. With web marketing and web development as their key focus areas, they also provide services like social media marketing and management, search engine marketing, content marketing, consulting and website management.

Contact information:

Address: Qalla-e-Fatullah Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan

4. Afghan Digital Marketing

Afghan Digital Marketing is a digital marketing company in Afghanistan, that provides services including Google Adwords, social media marketing, website development, SEO, e-mail marketing, content writing and more.

Contact information:

Phone No.: +93 77 720 0408


5. Navico Soft

NavicoSoft is a leading digital marketing agency in Afghanistan that provides an array of services including website design, development, hosting, domain transfer and registration. Their digital marketing services include social media marketing, SEO and SEM, on-page SEO, Pay-per-click and content writing. They have branches across the globe.

Contact information:

Phone No.: +92 300 0341252


6. SEO Afghanistan

SEO is an agency in Afghanistan that provides services in content marketing, social marketing, data analysis, digital marketing, search engine optimisation and web analytics. They help businesses drive traffic and connect with their customers on digital. They also provide web designing services.

Contact information:

Address: Shahre Naw, Dost Tower, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone No.: +93 786 360086

E-mail ID:


7. Afghan Development

Afghan Development is a digital marketing and development company. They are based in Kabul and provide services including ICT solutions, online software solutions, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, web development and designing, and android app development.

Contact information:

Address: Zargona Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone No.: +93 70 056 7868


8. KaPUL group

KaPul group is an integrated business communication and digital marketing agency in Afghanistan with 13 years of experience in catering to Government, United Nations, USAID, Telecom companies and many other national and international organisations. Their services include digital marketing, media outreach, outdoor advertising, creative production, research and surveys, event management and printing services.

Contact information:

Address: Street 11, Taimani House, No. 16, Kabul, Afghanistan – 1007

Phone No.: +993 771 007 007


9. Afghan Graphics

Headquartered in Kabul, Afghan Graphics is a digital marketing and branding agency with services including web consulting, digital media and branding, web design and development, software and database development, radio streaming, web hosting, domain registration and SMS gateway.

Contact information:

Address: Suite #B2, Top Floor, Mevlana Building

Shahr e Naw, Haji Yahqoub, Shahid Road,

Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone No.: +93 (0) 799 294121

E-mail ID:


10. Streambyte Technology

Streambyte Technology is a digital marketing agency in Afghanistan. With headquarters in Kabul, they provide their clients with services in digital marketing, SEM and Search Engine Optimisation. They also have packages for social media management, web development and more.

Contact Information:

Address: Darulaman Road, PD3 Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone No.: +93 79 472 7264

E-mail ID:


Being a developing country with a slowly advancing digital industry and internet scenario, Afghanistan houses a number of good quality agencies. What’s noteworthy here is that most of the agencies that made it to this list provide an all-round digital marketing service. Many agencies across the country primarily cater to clients in Afghanistan, while some of them have branched out to deliver digital marketing services globally. 

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