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Attract New Followers With These 4 Twitter Tools

Improve Your Twitter Following With These 4 Tools

Improve Your Twitter Following With These 4 Tools

Today I have some resources to help you get more traction on Twitter after the recent removal of spam accounts.

Growing your community on Twitter used to be simple — fake accounts have had a negative impact on gaining authentic followers. Thankfully the social media giant is doing something about it, and you can attract new followers with a few helpful resources. Would you to rebuild your network? Use these great Twitter tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Automate for steady growth – SumAll

Keep a regular stream of content going to your network with good results. SumAll is a social media automation tool, which includes content sharing, scheduling, and tracking data. Get started for free without any credit cards or monthly subscriptions to enter.

2) Get insights on any profile –

Use powerful analytics to gather competitor information as well as brand performance on Twitter. helps you to analyze content, gather topics of usage, and see a follower ratio. Simply enter the name of a Twitter user and click on the Analyze button to get started. You will be provided with an overview as well as the type of followers in the account and general attitude of the user’s feed such as positive or negative.

3) See the top tweets of influencers – My Top Tweets

Would you like to know what leaders in your industry are tweeting? My Top Tweets will provide you for free the latest tweets from an influencer. Find out what they are sharing so that you can also tweet out their content, and improve your branding and engagement on Twitter.

4) Expert social media tracking – Tweet Binder

Optimize your campaigns as well as analyze the best content on both Twitter and Instagram. Tweet Binder helps you learn more about how your profile is performing with classified statistics and reports. Gain insights in real-time as well as information on the market value for your brand. Three plans are available depending on your company size and needs.

Hopefully you will find these Twitter tools useful to your social media marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

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