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AR IN SOCIAL MEDIA: How immersive experiences drive sales, improve customer engagement, and boost awareness (FB, SNAP)

This is a preview of the AR in Social Media research report from Business Insider Intelligence.
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Augmented reality’s (AR’s) ability to link our digital and physical worlds is transforming the way brands engage with consumers on social media. FORECAST  Global Mobile AR UsersDigital titans Snapchat and Facebook are monetizing consumers’ love for AR with ads and branded experiences, opening the door for brands to use a new means of creativity and immersive storytelling to reach consumers in a way they appreciate and respond to.

While the use of AR in social media is still in early stages, the immersive technology is already becoming impossible for brands to ignore. This fun, memorable, and convenient way to merge a brand into consumers’ lives is catalyzing the way brands escalate converted sales, drive consumer engagement, and lift brand awareness.

With AR ads expected to generate over $13 billion in revenue by 2022, and, as a result, account for over 12% of all mobile ad revenue by that year, it’s crucial brands map out their AR strategies now to secure an early-mover advantage. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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