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Amazon is giving free AWS training courses to Utah’s elementary and high schools — but education specialists say this kind of skills training may not help you get a tech job or even help you learn

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Amazon just announced that it has partnered with K-12 schools in Utah to provide free cloud computing training using Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud business.
Amazon previously collaborated with California and Virginia’s community and public colleges to offer programs in cloud computing using AWS.
Some experts warn that training students or job seekers in skills that corporations say they want might not guarantee a job at the company, and might result in time wasted if the skill falls out of fashion within a few years.
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Jeff Bezos is ensuring that some children start getting the skills to get a job at Amazon as early as in elementary school. 

Amazon just announced that it partnered with Utah’s public K-12 schools to provide free cloud computing training using Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud business. The company will give educators free AWS training to help guide students, who can access the cloud computing curriculum online at their own pace, the company stated in a release.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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