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A village near Rome was pelted with debris when chunks of metal broke off a Norwegian Air Boeing 787 after a ‘technical failure’

Norwegian AirAP via Mail Online/Hans Olav Nygaard/Norwegian Air/Business Insider

Pieces from a Norwegian Air Boeing 787 detached from the plane fell onto an island outside Rome, damaging cars and homes.
The plane was forced to turn back to the airport after what Norwegian said were “indications of a technical failure of one of the engines.”
One resident said the pieces fell “like bullets,” while another said he felt “lucky to be alive” after he was hit by a piece of debris.
Italy’s flight safety agency is investigating the incident, Italian media reported.
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Debris from a Norwegian Air Boeing 787 pelted a village near Rome after a “technical failure,” damaging cars and homes as the plane passed over worried residents.

The plane dropped pieces of debris between five and 10 centimeters (two to four inches) in diameter as it passed over the Isla Sacra area outside Rome after taking off at the nearby Fiumicino airport on Saturday, Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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