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A behind-the-scenes look at how BI reporter Rachel Premack revealed a toxic culture at Bon Appétit for its employees and contributors of color

Rachel PremackBusiness Insider

Business Insider is taking you behind the scenes of our best stories with the series “The Inside Story.” 
Business Insider content marketing producer Vilan Trub this week interviewed reporter Rachel Premack about her series of stories on cultural problems at Condé Nast’s prestigious Bon Appétit title under editor in chief Adam Rapoport.
According to Premack’s sources, Bon Appétit did not provide nonwhite employees the same opportunities on the brand’s video side that white employees enjoyed, excluded nonwhite employees from social and professional groups, and regularly misrepresented or did not represent stories from nonwhite backgrounds.
Premack discusses what inspired her to pursue the story and how the willingness of Bon Appétit staff members to speak out surprised her.
Read one of her stories here: Bon Appétit’s editor in chief just resigned — but staffers of color say there’s a ‘toxic’ culture of microaggressions and exclusion that runs far deeper than one man



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