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Here’s EXACTLY how you can get your first 1000 subscribers and make money on YouTube- Enjoy! Instagram: GPStephan – BRAND NEW: The YouTube Creator Academy:

Without further ado, here are my EXACT strategies I used to grow from 0 to nearly 380,000 subscribers in 24 months – and how you can replicate these step by step techniques as well:

When you’re just starting out, the most important thing you can do is have good content. The content that I’ve found does best gets you engaged within the first 30 seconds, and then goes right into the point of the video without wasting time.
And in terms of having good content, fun fact: it doesn’t necessarily need to be high quality, either. I grew my channel to 30,000 subscribers with over 1.3 million views by filming from my iPhone.

The next most important part of a video and growing your channel to 1000 subscribers is the SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. This includes your title, tags, and description…when you’re just starting, good SEO is INSANELY important. Without properly filling out the tags, title, and description, YouTube won’t be able to analyze enough about the video to determine what the video is about and won’t be able to rank it or promote it among similar videos. And this is MASSIVELY important.

This is also probably just as equally important, if not MORE important than a title. Think of it this way – half the time you don’t even read the title, but you look at the thumbnail FIRST, title second. Use this to your advantage. Your thumbnail should be enticing enough for people to want to know more – this is where you can clickbait your audience….without actually click baiting. Feel free to get creative with your thumbnails and make THIS your clickbait, while still keeping the title a little more specific about what the video is actually about. This gets the best of both worlds!

This is a big one…upload frequency. I’ve found that the more I upload, the more likely YouTube is to continue recommending my videos on a larger scale because they’re confident that this is the type of channel that gets people regularly coming back. I saw the biggest push from my channel when I went from 2x uploads per week to 3x uploads per week…and I’ve stayed consistent with that now for 2 years.

I’ve noticed that youtube tends to promote the videos with high channel engagement. This means that people like the video, comment, share, subscribe, and watch more of your videos. They want to make sure that people don’t just watch one of your videos, click out, and never return. The more engagement you get, the more interactive the audience, and the more likely YouTube is to say “this is a good video, people like it, there’s a sense of community, we should continue pushing this video.”

Here’s one of the most PRACTICAL steps when it comes to gaining subscribers, and this is probably the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get to 1000 subscribers in under a month for most people:
-Make sure you have a recognizable youtube channel thumbnail that gets peoples attention
-Change your name to something like “Your name – your video topic”
-Then, comment as early as you can on larger channels once they post a video…preferably, comment as soon as the video goes live. This increases your likelihood that people see your comment and like it.
-Quickly go and upvote your comment several times from several accounts. I’ve found that if your comment gets to about 3-5 likes relatively quickly after posting, youtube pushes it up to the top and everyone sees it.
-People will then naturally like your comment once they see it already has a few likes on it…they’ll go to your page, check it out, and if ALL OF THE ABOVE LOOKS GOOD – they’ll subscribe to you.

This is by far the BEST way to gain an organic audience of 1000 subscribers!

From my videos that have ended up doing really well, they all had one thing in common…they got a higher than normal amount of views and comments within the first hour of posting. In order for videos to hit this sweet spot, it has to be on a topic that’s relatable to a wide audience, family friendly, a title and thumbnail that makes people want to click, and a video that gets people engaging with it. The more you post, the more likely this is to happen.

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