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#5MinutesStrong:10 Core Commitments

We may have a new logo, but we have not changed focus upon the key to our business: the 10 Core Commitments.
1) Start each day the right way
• Be a winner and commit to a life of responsibility.
• Exercise simple disciplines. Doing what is easy and right builds up over time and leads to powerful
success and happiness.
• Set goals every day!
2) Stay connected
• Commit to use your membership often and share your stories with others. Satisfied customers make
the best Associates.
• Plug into the system of success. Share your stories. Follow-up. Watch the Leadership
Show. Listen to your team calls. Read the Associate Newsletter.
3) Do TWO to FIVE exposures a day and send ONE long distance package a week
• Use third-party approaches and tools (videos, mobile app demo, Prospect by LegalShield, magazines,DVDs, websites, sizzle calls, text messages, etc.)
• Remember three questions every prospect has: Can I do what you do? Do I have time to do what you do?
Do I want to share this with my friends, family and community?
4) Bring guests to the weekly briefing
• Make a 52-week commitment to attend your local briefing with a great attitude.
• The only way to build a team is through the weekly meeting.
• Your income grows as the meeting grows.
• Attend the event after the event.
5) Invest in yourself and your team
• Read 10 pages of a book per day.
• Listen to an inspirational/educational audio for 15 minutes per day.
• Remind your team of their personal why, and get them focused upon Performance Club Qualification
6) Bring Your Team to every Super Saturday
• Attend monthly to learn from the best.
• Grow your team by promoting to your guests and associates. You need to sponsor to sponsor!
7) Attend Corporate Events — The International Convention and the Leadership Convention
• Learn from the top leaders in LegalShield, all in one weekend—bigger vision, bigger belief!
• Attend your team breakout session.
8) Retain your members
• Sell the membership right
• Get members to download the app and get their Will prepared
• Follow up with new members
• Ask for referrals
9) Be a workout partner and choose a mentor
• Identify someone you can depend on for accountability and motivation who can help you
stretch for more, and for whom you can do the same.
• To be a true mentor, you must be honest and demanding. Remember that Teaching is Leading.
10) DREAM BIG: Plan to double or triple your business to reach Vision 2020
• Belief turns into Action that leads to Results!
• You must set “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” to become everything you deserve. Only you can demand the
most of you!
• Remember that LegalShield is a team sport. Serve your LegalShield family! Rely on your LegalShield

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