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5 Must-Haves for Successful Hotel Social Media Content

Many hoteliers feel that social media has little impact on revenue. But when used correctly, social media is proven to drive more traffic to your hotel’s website.

In fact, social media is no longer a luxury. If you are a small hotel business looking to engage with guests and drive direct bookings, you need it.

In his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk shares the secrets of building relationships with customers on social media.

The book isn’t another marketing script that leaves you with a can-do feeling but no clear action plan. Vaynerchuk outlines a simple formula with practical advice that you can actually use.


Business is like boxing

Marketers’ strategies should be like boxers in the ring, says Vaynerchuk. Wear down your opponents with light jabs until you find the perfect chance to deliver the knockout punch. In this case, go in for the sale.

But there’s one main difference for marketers: “Jab, jab, jab” means “Give, give, give.”

When someone encounters your brand for the first time, you want to give as much value as you can. Hold off before going in for the right hook by delivering a call-to-action (CTA).

Vaynerchuk says the perfect right hook consists of three characteristics:

The call-to-action is simple and easy to understand.
It’s crafted for mobile, as well as all digital services.
It respects the nuances of the social network on which you are distributing content.

This formula helps you lay your hotel’s foundation to build a trusting, more profitable relationship with each guest.


5 Must-Haves for Great Hotel Social Media Content

When creating social media content for your hotel, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about you. It’s about delivering value to your guests and followers on social media. The greatest social media content is native, doesn’t interrupt, doesn’t make demands, and is concise, consistent, and aware.


1. “Content is king, but context is God.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

One of the major points that Vaynerchuk points out in his book is the power of context. You can create the best content for your social media accounts, but if it’s not relevant to that specific platform, it can still fall flat.

Check out these rules of thumb to resonate with your guests and other social media followers:

Storytell on Facebook
Listen on Twitter
Glam it up on Pinterest
Create art on Instagram


2. Don’t interrupt

Marketers used to rely on catching consumers’ attention on billboards or TV commercials. It’s crucial that you don’t do this with your hotel’s social media marketing efforts.

Consumers don’t have the patience for this kind of disruptive marketing anymore. Vaynerchuk blames DVRs, internet ad blockers, and other devices that let us skip commercials and ignore ads.

Instead of interrupting the social media experience people are seeking, hotel marketers need to become part of that experience.

Getting between your audience and what they’re looking for on social media. They’ll likely unfollow you, meaning you’ve lost a channel by which you can connect with your guests.


3. Don’t make demands often

The majority of your content should provide value to your audience. It should be for your guests, not for you.

Do this right, and your guests and followers will quickly realize the story they’re engaging with is being told by a brand and not by a friend. If you share social media content that benefits your audience, they’ll enjoy the interaction.


4. Be concise

When it comes to social media guidelines for hotels, it’s good to remember that “less is more.”

With so much noise on social networks, you don’t have much time to grab your guests’ attention. So, you should aim to deliver your message in as few words as possible. A great way to do that on most platforms is by incorporating images, videos, gifs, or by including a link.


5. Use content that is consistent and self-aware

Every post on social media is a representative of your hotel’s brand identity.

All of your behavior on social media should be a consistent reminder of what your hotel’s brand is all about. It doesn’t matter how you tell your story. Your goal is to ensure your personality and brand identity remain consistent.

Straying too far from the on-brand guest experience creates miscommunication. That may cause confusion among your loyal guests and social media fan base.


Social media is becoming increasingly important

In summary, social media has become increasingly important in hotel marketing strategies. It plays a key role in communicating your brand, so don’t let it take the back seat in your marketing efforts. After all, social media content is still part of Vaynerchuk’s saying that content is king!

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