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24 items to buy at Sam’s Club, and 15 more you should skip every time

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Sam’s Club is one of America’s most popular bulk retailers.
However, not everything on sale at Sam’s Club is the best deal you can get.
We asked experts and searched the web for 24 products you should pick up at Sam’s Club, and 15 more that you should skip.
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Buying in bulk can seem like a really great idea, especially when you’re having a party or have a large family to feed.

Bulk stores have popped up all over America over the decades, and one such beloved bulk store is Sam’s Club.

With a Sam’s Club membership, you can get great deals and discounts on hundreds of different products, including food, electronics, and even car tires and gasoline.

But just because you can buy it all in one place doesn’t mean you should.

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We asked shopping and finance experts what the best deals were at Sam’s Club and what products you should simply pick up at other stores.

Here are 24 products you should definitely stock up on at Sam’s Club, and 15 more you should skip and get elsewhere.

Buy: Tires
REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

The next time you need new tires for your car, the savings site Hip2Save recommends buying them at Sam’s Club.

“They have a huge stock of competitively-priced tires with an array of different brands to choose from,” the website wrote. “Plus, when you buy tires with your Sam’s Club membership, you’ll get the best ‘all-in’ price, or they’ll match it to give you the best deal.”

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Skip: Variety cheesecake
Vladislav Noseek/Shutterstock

$14.98 for a variety cheesecake from Sam’s Club may seem like a good deal, but it pales in comparison to a similar cheesecake from Walmart for $13.98, or a superior quality Cheesecake Factory-brand cheesecake from Target for $15.99.

Buy: Paper towels
Shoshy Ciment/Business Insider

You can get 15 rolls of Member’s Mark Super Premium paper towels for the regular price of just $18.24 at Sam’s Club. Compare that to the $14.97 that you spend on a 12-pack of Walmart’s Great Value brand — that’s only a savings of a few cents per roll, but the more of them you buy, the more you save, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever stop needing paper towels.

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