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20 of the Best Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire the Modern Marketer

Marketing is a thrill.

All it takes is 1 customer to make you feel like you’re riding front row on the Superman roller coaster. When you get marketing right, it’s a rush. And when you get it wrong, it feels worse than being picked last in gym class.

Like all marketers, even we get it wrong sometimes. If you think you have it hard, imagine marketing to marketers wrong. It hurts just as much as it sounds like it would.

That’s why we rely on modern marketers to bring us up when we’re down. These marketing quotes from industry experts keep us moving forward when we’d rather crawl back into bed and pretend it wasn’t us that came up with that “brilliant” idea.

Here are 20 digital marketing quotes to inspire the modern marketer. 

“Boring will put you out of business in 2019.” Billy Gene Shaw, Founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing

Chances are when you failed at digital marketing, it’s because you tried something different. We like to imagine Billy Gene Shaw looking at us like a proud dad would and saying, “I’m proud of you for trying to sell sh*t. Now, go try and sell it again!!!”

“Think of your customers on one side of a ledge and your product on a nearby ledge. The only way for your customers to get from their ledge to your product’s ledge is a bridge. Copy is that bridge.” Ben Griffin, Lead Copywriter at DigitalMarketer

When your copy fails—Ben Griffin knows it’s not that you didn’t build a bridge. It’s that somewhere along that bridge you left holes and your customers can’t get from their ledge to yours. Reassess, rebuild, and try again.

“This is what most marketers get wrong. They focus all their efforts on building email lists, and almost no effort on how they’re going to make money from that list once they have it.” Ryan Deiss, CEO of DigitalMarketer

We would never focus on building an email list and then not have a strategy for it… ever… 😬 If DigitalMarketer head honcho Ryan Deiss feels the need to say this, chances are that he’s watching a lot of marketers make the same mistake (and maybe—MAYBE—we’ve made it too).

“Data is omnipotent. Acting upon data is the only effective way to make informed marketing decisions. If you know and understand your data, you can adjust your marketing accordingly.” Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey

Have you ever tried just taking a shot in the dark with your business? How did that work out? Larry Kim knows that in order to make any real change, you need to have data to back it up. And luckily, his messenger bots are more like data mining bots.

“The person who gives value first has the leverage.” Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia

The current marketing state is value over everything. If you’re not delivering value, you’re not delivering. Gary V. obsesses over value, and so do we at DigitalMarketer. We want you to experience this when you land on our website, sign up for our newsletter, and come to our events. Don’t be selfish. Share your secrets, and then have people pay for you to share more.

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“You need to woo your audience. You want them to trust you, and you do that by posting relevant content that speaks to them, about them, and for them.” Rachel Miller, Founder of Moolah Marketing

What are your customers’ questions and how are you answering them? Is it through articles, podcasts, videos, a membership? Rachel Miller says, give them the answers to their problems and, Cinderella-style, you’ll transform into a Greek goddess. They’ll look up to you, they’ll listen to you, and they’ll buy from you.

“It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your funnel is—people simply aren’t going to convert if you don’t spend the time to create something people want, explain it to them in a way that’s clear and compelling, and do it all through the delivery of an experience that your prospects and customers will connect with.” Brad Martineau, Co-Founder & CEO of SixthDivision

In short, the customer comes first. When marketers fail at marketing (it hurts to even type that), we’re generally not putting our customers first. We’re thinking of the awesome features of a product and our epic story as to how it was created. Here’s some not-very-new news from Brad Martineau—the customer doesn’t care. What they care about is how the product is going to make their lives better. That’s it.

“A click-worthy title is actually worth a lot more than just a perfectly keyword-targeted title” Rand Fishkin, CEO and Cofounder of Moz

V-a-l-u-e. Say it with us, VALUE! Click-worthy titles tell your prospects what to expect. Yes, we need the Google bots to know what we’re trying to talk about, but Rand Fishkin is a big proponent of finding the line where a bot can understand what we’re writing about, and a human can say, “Wow, that’s interesting. I’d love to be inspired by digital marketing quotes.”

“The great thing about digital marketing is that ingenuity and creativity can always win over big marketing budgets.” Ann Smarty, Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas

This is Ann Smarty’s polite way of saying, no excuses! If you’re a new agency or marketer and you feel like you don’t have the money to make moves—we’re calling you out. You can get results, but you’ll have to be extra creative to make them happen. Remember, it’s the pressure that creates the diamond.

“Don’t get intimidated by the giants of our industry who host events that attract thousands of people. You can still make a big impact in your business (and your bank account) by adding live events to your marketing toolbox.” Oli Billson, Founder of NextLevelBusiness

There’s always a workaround. If you don’t have the budget, your creativity is free. Oli Billson used creativity to make 5 digits off of a marketing event that cost him less than 2 tickets to Six Flags. When you’re in need of a kick in the butt, just remember that there are marketers who are making it happen, regardless of their financial status. If you don’t join them, you’ll get left behind.


“A healthy combination of paid and organic posts—paired with a consistent posting schedule, a healthy content mix, and a bit of data analysis—is the key to a successful modern-day social media strategy that grows your audience and drives people back to your site.” Garrett Holmes, General Manager of Get Scalable

If you’re not seeing website traffic success, Garrett always advises to pull up your calendar and start planning. What does your posting schedule look like weekly? How many paid ads and how many organic posts can you publish? How can you provide value in your content so you’re not only selling? What days are best for you and your team to see what content is working and what’s not?

“You need to be relevant. Don’t get entrenched in the way you’ve always done things. Your audience is changing. You need to be aware of social and technological trends that are behind these changes—and adapt.” Kathryn Aragon, Founder of Kathryn Aragon Media

Marketing is always changing. If you’re a marketer that wants things to stay the same for the next 10 years so you can master your craft—there’s no easy way to put this. You’re doomed. But, there is a positive. If you’re a marketer that is hyper-aware of our changing industry, like Kathryn, you’re going to surf your way to the 6- or 7-figure coastline while the competition complains about the newest algorithm changes. (We really tried to put a catchy surf reference here but we’re in Austin and the surf doesn’t exist, so…)

“For LinkedIn, the smart move is tailoring your ads to get prospects into a higher-leverage opportunity sooner.” Josh Turner, Founder & CEO of LinkedSelling

Social media platforms are like different phases of the Customer Value Journey. You can’t approach them all the same way. The product you sell on Facebook is different than the product you sell on LinkedIn. If your ads are failing, ask yourself if you’re selling the right product on the right platform. Your customers want to buy; the question is where?

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“YouTube, unlike other platforms, has a massive advantage when it comes to attention. Instead of a ‘scroll’ mentality, viewers make time in their schedule to sit down and watch their favorite channels on YouTube.” Sunny Lenarduzzi, Founder of YouTube For Bosses

Well said Sunny, well said. How fast do your thumbs move on Instagram vs. Youtube? That’s a biiiiig difference in speed. If you’re not seeing the engagement that you want on Instagram or LinkedIn, maybe it’s time to try something different. And by maybe we mean, it’s time. That was just us being polite.

“Instagram isn’t slowing down anytime soon.” Shannon Goodell, Social Media Manager of DigitalMarketer

How crazy is Instagram? It’s this little photo app that took over the world. We went from pridefully posting overly-filtered pictures (we know you did it too) to selling hundreds of millions of dollars of products through a social media platform. Instagram doesn’t have a user problem anymore; they have a space problem. They’re constantly trying to find more space to put ads and we at DigitalMarketer are here to fill that space effectively (hopefully).

“Creating good chatbot copy is an art designed to create a participatory adventure for the subscriber.” Mary Kathryn Johnson, Founder & CEO of Messenger Funnels

Who wants to go on a participatory adventure! We do, because we also use participatory adventures; we just call it the Customer Value Journey. We’re not selling products—and good marketers are following suit. We’re selling the experience of becoming a certified, expert marketer. We’ll give you the tools, but you have to do the work to educate yourself. Don’t make us look bad. Seriously.

“Smart marketers will create “authentic-looking” videos in triggered re-marketing sequences.” Dennis Yu, CTO of BlitzMetrics

Like Dennis Yu says, “authentic-looking” videos and remarketing sequences are the prodigal child of the digital marketing world right now. If your retargeted customer sees a video designed for wherever they are in the buying process, you’re probably going to freak them out. When people get freaked out, they are very aware of your presence. When they’re aware of your presence, they just entered into the Customer Value Journey. Quick, give them some value!

“Eventually, the day will come when it’s common practice to buy products and services directly inside a social platform.” Ralph Burns, CEO of Tier 11

Apparently, Ralph Burns has a time machine that he’s not telling us about. It’s hard to deny this isn’t the future of digital marketing. This marketing quote is one to live by for all ecommerce companies. If you’re not the first to get your products sold directly through platforms when the opportunity arises—do we have to say it? Be ready.

“AI is all about prediction... our job as humans will be to add judgment and creativity to the mix to help guide all of this machine learning in a productive direction.” Mike Rhodes, Founder & CEO of WebSavvy

If you’re feeling fearful of the rise of AI in digital marketing, you should feel really excited because that means you’re awake and aware of the inevitable future. We appreciate Mike Rhodes telling us that our perfectly sculpted marketing minds aren’t going to be useless. We’ll just be using them in a different way, and we’re okay with that. Remember: adapt, adapt, adapt.

“Remember, advertising is all about placing the right message in front of the right audience.” Molly Pittman, Cofounder of Team Traffic

From the very first day an advertisement was created to the very last advertisement ever created in the far, far, far future—this quote from Molly will always hold true. It’s the most timeless marketer quote of all. We have one goal as marketers, to curate the message that our audience wants to hear.

It’s okay if we fail sometimes. Why? Because this is digital marketing. When we fail, it means we delete our Facebook campaign and create a better one based on the data we got back. It means we change our article headline so that more humans want to read it. It means that we assess, revise, assess, and… never stop.

Sometimes marketing sucks. But every other time, it’s pretty awesome.

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