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19 Best Free Microsoft Excel Templates for Marketing & Sales

If you’d like to expedite data analysis and reporting, then using a sales or marketing Excel template is an excellent option.

If you’d like to expedite data analysis and reporting, then using a sales or marketing Excel template is an excellent option.

Download 10 Excel Templates for Marketers [Free Kit]

Whether you’re looking for a sales dashboard or a marketing planner, Microsoft Excel will easily allow you to create one with your company’s data — all you need is the right template.

To help those of you looking for a way to sharpen your Microsoft Excel skills, we’ve put together a detailed list of templates you can start using in Excel to simplify your sales and marketing tasks. These templates will have you making strides in no time. Know what’s even better? You can download a kit of Excel templates in one fell swoop.

Why use sales and marketing Excel templates?

Many of us can recall a time in high school when we were sitting in math class and thinking, “When am I ever going to use this stuff in the real world?” And then we suddenly find ourselves in the real world, only to realize that numbers do play a pivotal role in what we do — especially in digital marketing and sales.

The trouble is, many Excel templates and spreadsheets are riddled with numbers and formulas that aren’t all that inviting. Making them from scratch can be especially intimidating. While we won’t argue with that, we will say that the advantages of leveraging Excel’s functionality to organize information and streamline tasks are unparalleled.

Microsoft Excel has many capabilities, formulas, and shortcuts. It stores data and has tools for data analysis. It performs calculations and allows you to use code for automation. And while many recognize it as a tool for calculating numbers and figures, it’s more than that.

There is a learning curve when using Excel, and it takes time to master its many uses. Outside of calculations, the spreadsheet allows you to create social media schedules, editorial calendars, campaign trackers, and more. And instead of subjecting yourself to trial-and-error processes that would certainly waste time, you can use the following marketing templates to expedite your company’s success in marketing, sales, and project management.

Marketing Excel Templates

Most marketing activities can benefit from consistent tracking and data analysis. Whether you need a source-of-truth for stakeholders to look at, an Excel budget planner, or a way to track the progress on a specific marketing plan or campaign, you can always benefit from using Microsoft Excel.

1. Marketing Planner Excel Template
free marketing planner Microsoft Excel template: email marketing

Download Your Free Excel Marketing Planner Template

This marketing planner template for Excel contains everything you need to plan a wide variety of email marketing campaigns and beyond. It contains specific columns for the emails’ topic, owner, status, subject line, and more.

But you can easily use this template to plan any other progressive marketing effort, such as blogging, content writing, or social media marketing. Simply change the titles of the columns to fit your specific marketing plan, and use the column to the left to track the dates of implementation.

That said, HubSpot offers specific Excel templates for each of those tasks, which you can find under “Project Management” later on in this post.

You can supplement this template with a full-on marketing plan, written in Word or Google Docs format. That way, you have a high-level overview of your organization’s marketing team, your goals, your target audience, and your preferred marketing channels.

Featured Resource: Microsoft Word Marketing Plan Template
free marketing Microsoft Word template: marketing plan

Download Now

The above marketing plan template is an excellent complement and precursor to your Excel marketing plan. If you’d like, you can then take the information from the Microsoft Word version and adapt it to the Excel template.

2. Excel Marketing Budget Templates
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: marketing budget

Download Free Marketing Budget Templates for Excel

While marketing budgets vary from business to business, the need for structure and a clear sense of alignment between your goals and your spending is critical across the board. To ensure your preparedness for unanticipated costs, you must allocate your budget thoughtfully and correctly. You will also need to keep tabs on how closely you’re sticking to your projected expenses.

If you want to avoid a mess at the end of the month or quarter, take a look at this collection of marketing budget templates designed to help you better organize your marketing spend. From product marketing and website redesign to content marketing and events, these templates serve as a guide for marketers to visualize and track their expenses to avoid overspending.

The collection also contains a master marketing budget template that will help you generate a high-level visualization of your marketing budget on a month-by-month and quarterly basis.

3. Marketing Dashboard for Excel
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: planner dashboard

Download Your Free Excel Marketing Dashboard

There is no shortage of data to monitor when it comes to marketing, and if it feels like you’re getting too far in the weeds or missing essential details when it gets too granular, a marketing tracker like the above dashboard can help.

This particular tool allows you to enter metrics by campaign to auto-populate visual and easy-to-read charts. As a result, you can visualize the effectiveness of spending and activity across multiple initiatives.

You can also track the progress of different campaigns and marketing efforts, such as website content and email marketing, as well as ad spend and sales by platform. This makes it easy to understand your marketing ROI and prove the effectiveness of your campaigns to stakeholders and leaders at your company.

4. Excel Monthly Marketing Reporting Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: monthly reporting


Download Free Excel Marketing Reporting Templates

Is there a feeling sweeter than hitting all of your goals for the month? How about communicating your success to your boss? Excel spreadsheets can prepare comprehensive reports of your marketing metrics to send to your boss. There’s no need to work from scratch. (After all, you’ve already worked so hard this month.)

To simplify your reporting, check out these monthly marketing metrics templates and the corresponding PowerPoint template. Each month, you can update them quickly and easily to reflect your monthly visits, leads, customers, and conversion rates. From there, you’ll have everything you need to track and report on which channels are performing best. Every boss loves to see ROI, so you can’t go wrong with these templates.

5. SMART Goal Excel Marketing Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: smart goals

Download Your Free Excel SMART Goal Template

Whether you’re planning for a new year, quarter, or month, defining a clear set of goals is critical for driving the direction of your marketing efforts and priorities.

Sometimes, you might need help not only setting marketing objectives but achieving them. Start with these SMART goal planning templates. Rooted in specificity, measurability, attainability, relevancy, and timeliness, these templates will help you set your team up for success. They will also provide you with a tool for identifying your most prominent marketing needs.

You’ll first be able to define your SMART goal, then calculate your goal metrics, and then evaluate its success. Its user-friendly and readable format makes it one of the most shareable options on this list. You can easily send it over to your stakeholders without worrying about formatting. Simply fill it out, and it’s ready to share.

6. Excel On-Page SEO Template
free marketing planner Microsoft Excel template: on-page set

Download Your Free Excel SEO Marketing Template

When it comes to SEO, there’s a lot for marketers to remember to see results. In other words, there is a lot for marketers to forget. With search engines evolving and algorithm changes turning your existing strategy on its head, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and push off revamping your SEO strategy. However, SEO should never be an afterthought.

If you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, pull up this handy SEO template created in Excel. Designed to make the process of managing your SEO efforts a whole lot easier, marketers can use this template to guide their strategy step-by-step or pass it off to their webmaster to serve as a helpful guide. It focuses on keywords and SEO best practices, while providing tips and tricks to identify nuances and increase productivity.

7. Google Ads Campaign Excel Tracker
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: ppc ads

Download Your Free Excel PPC Campaign Tracker

If you’re doing your Google Ads campaigns right, they probably aren’t “walks in the park.” That’s because, to get the most bang for your buck, you set up multiple campaigns with multiple ad groups. You also have variations of your campaigns — all with different content. Not only that, but you’re (hopefully) also keeping track of those campaigns to determine which ones to shut off, add more money to, or tweak.

Sounds like a lot to keep track of, right? But take a deep breath. This Google Ads tracking template is a marketing campaign template that can keep you on top of your Google Ads game. It’ll help you catch mistakes and implement best practices across all the different campaigns and ad groups you’re running — for the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. It’s a perfect complement to that SEO template you’ve started using.

8. Excel Lead Tracker Templatefree marketing Microsoft Excel template: lead tracker

Download Your Free Excel Marketing Template for Lead Tracking

It’s no secret that sales and marketing have a pretty rocky relationship history. Sales might think marketing isn’t generating enough leads, while marketing might think their sales representatives aren’t capitalizing on the leads they’re sending over. When it comes down to it, finger-pointing doesn’t grow a business.

With this customizable lead tracking template in your toolbox, you’ll have the information you need to reduce tension and define a concrete monthly lead generation goal. You’ll also be able to track and measure the success of specific lead generation channels and keep close tabs on your current sales close rates.

You might also want to supplement this lead tracker with a marketing-sales SLA template, available for Microsoft Word.

Featured Resource: Microsoft Word SLA Template for Marketing & Sales
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: marketing and sales sla

Download Now

To better align your sales and marketing teams, turn to this template for creating a service-level agreement (SLA). Generally speaking, an SLA is a contract that defines the sales department’s expectations for marketing leads (both quantity and quality), and the expectations marketing has for how sales will act on qualified leads.

9. Excel Sales Conversion and Close Rate Calculator
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: conversion calculator

Download Your Free Excel Conversion Calculator

You have to set a conversion goal, but you don’t know where to start. Once you finally figure that out, you have to determine how much traffic you need to hit that goal, but you’re not sure what approach to take there, either.

It sounds like you could use a hand in calculating your leads and traffic goals. Luckily, there’s an Excel template for that. You won’t have to sort through these numbers on your own. This template will take care of the math and give you a clear picture of what you need to accomplish to achieve your conversion goals. It will also help you align more closely with sales to ensure your team is driving more qualified leads over to them.

10. Excel KPI Dashboard Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: kpi dashboard

Download Your Free Excel KPI Dashboard

If you’re a fan of the monthly metrics template, you might want to grab a copy of this template as well. The essential KPI tracker, shown above, takes the metrics your marketing team has agreed to track and describes them in more detail.

KPI stands for “key performance indicator.” They’re your most important metrics, each with a unique purpose and place in your marketing strategy. Using this template, you can assign specific employees to each KPI, define the frequency at which you’ll monitor each KPI’s performance, and assign each KPI a color that reflects the quality of that KPI’s performance.

If one of your KPIs is organic traffic, for example, you can set up your template such that 100 page views per month are red (poor performance), 500 page views per month are yellow (stable performance), and 1000 page views per month are green (great performance).

Sales Excel Templates

Sales is a number-heavy field. Whether we’re talking about sales goals, quota, or closed-won ratios, there’s always something to calculate. Use the following templates to expedite the process.

1. Excel Ecommerce Planning Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: e-commerce planner

Download Your Free Excel Ecommerce Planner Template

Ecommerce stores come with many moving parts. Planning ahead can save you time and heartache later.

This template, which also includes an ecommerce sales plan and go-to-market template, includes dedicated space for each of your ecommerce vendors. The kit also includes a marketing plan that guides you through market research, target market, channels and vendors, and more. Once your ecommerce store is live and running, you can use the conversion template to track performance across vendors and platforms where products are listed to give you a holistic view of your efforts.

2. Excel Contact List Template
free sales Microsoft Excel template: contact list

Download Your Free Excel Contact List Template

In a business, the most important people are your customer or client base. Although your current customers constantly need to be nurtured, focusing on your contact or prospect list is also essential.

A contact is a person, business, or organization that might be interested in your products or services. It could be someone who has shown interest or someone who could benefit from your company. A contact list allows you to focus on the potential customers that you should nurture similarly to your current customers.

The information needed to build a prospect list is elementary. Start building this list with the person’s name, title and company, location, and contact information. Additional information could include their industry, employee size, company description, and pain points.

Once you’ve used a template like this one, you’re ready to upgrade to a CRM, which stores the same information in a more user-friendly format.

3. Excel Sales Forecasting Template
free sales Microsoft Excel template: sales forecasting

Download Your Free Excel Template for Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is similar to weather forecasting. Without the proper tools, it’s impossible to get an accurate idea of what’s ahead. While a meteorologist might use Doppler radars and satellite data for their predictions, your business can use the above sales forecasting template.

Excel sales forecasting helps with business planning, budgeting, and risk management. Overall, it helps strengthen the strategy that you build for your company. Using this template will help you track business sales, accurately predict your sales revenue, and plan for future growth.

Sales forecasting is challenging, but this spreadsheet formula makes the process easier.

3. Excel Sales Metrics Calculator Template
free microsoft excel templates: sales metrics

Download Your Free Excel Sales Metrics Calculator

Sales are complex. Once you add sales metrics into the picture, the complications increase. There are many numbers and figures to calculate, track, record, and document. This interactive Excel spreadsheet will help you get the job done.

Not only does this template help you keep track of sales, but it keeps track of your salespeople as well. With the sales metrics calculator template, you can calculate customer retention rate, win rates, product revenue, employee turnover rate, and more.

Project Management Excel Templates

Specific projects require a specific setup, but sometimes, the setup itself can be the most exhausting part. Use the following templates to both manage general projects and track your progress for specific tasks, such as social media planning.

1. Excel Social Media Planning Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: social media planner

Download Your Free Excel Social Media Planner

You might already use a social media scheduler to manage and publish your posts every week, but you still need a place to draft your social copy and decide which posts will go to which social networks.

And because most social media schedulers allow you to upload social post copy in bulk from a spreadsheet, it’s best if you have an Excel template designed for this purpose. With that in mind, we created the Excel template shown above.

This social media posting schedule allows you to draft each social post — the time it will post, the message you want to publish, and any link you want to accompany your message (blog post, registration page, an ebook landing page, etc).

Once you’ve drafted all of your social posts for the week, month, or quarter, you can sort them by social network and upload your Excel file into your social media platform of choice.

2. Excel Blog Editorial Calendar Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: editorial calendar

Download Your Free Excel Editorial Calendar Template

Blogging plays a significant role in your ability to attract visitors and leads to your website. But managing a blog is one of those responsibilities that’s easier said than done.

Whether you’re struggling with ideation, consistency, or simply just lacking organization, an editorial calendar can often serve as the solution you need to refocus your blogging efforts and generate even more traffic and leads from your content. Visualizing the blog posts you plan to publish in a given week or month makes it easier to define overarching themes, keep track of ideas, manage contributions, and prioritize strategic distribution.

Use this editorial calendar template as the starting point for keeping track of all of your business’ content. It’ll help you be more mindful of topic selection, buyer personas, keyword inclusions, and CTA alignment.

3. Excel Work Log Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: work log

Download Your Free Excel Work Log Template

How do you keep track of the day-to-day progress of your company, especially when there are people, tasks, and timelines to monitor? A work log template is essential to keeping track. If you’re not ready to commit to a project management software, you can still manage your projects and processes with a spreadsheet.

This template provides you with a project overview that makes tracking easier than ever. The work log template tracks tasks, time, status, and comments. With this template, you get all the data you need to monitor the life cycle and progress of your projects.

4. Excel Social Media Content Calendar Template
free marketing Microsoft Excel template: social media calendar

Download Your Free Excel Social Media Calendar

Since you’re probably generating tons of clicks from your Google Ads campaigns and writing amazing content thanks to your blogging editorial calendar, you’ll need some help figuring out how to spread the love on social media. We’ve got just the thing.

The social media calendar template is the perfect resource for helping you scale and streamline your social media marketing. When you use Excel to break out separate worksheets for each social network you’re using, you’ll be able to keep a repository of content ideas, so you’re never struck by writer’s block and always have something to post.

It’s also worth mentioning that marketing calendar Excel templates come in handy when using Twitter, as it can count your characters to help you write tweets that stay within the 280-character limit.

5. Excel Product Launch Plan Template

product launch plan with a table format laying out product, positioning, analysis, strategy, and more

Download Your Free Excel Product Launch Plan Template

A well-executed product launch can be a key differentiator for successful marketing and early adoption. The right plan can give you clarity and purpose as you move forward and announce the new product’s existence to your customers and prospects.

This product launch plan can help you organize your thoughts around competitive analysis, positioning, and product strategy. It even goes so far as to help you brainstorm pains, proof points, and key messaging for campaigns.

Excel your marketing process.

Data is any marketer’s friend. Even though spreadsheets seem like they’ve been around forever, Microsoft Excel has so many capabilities that still make it an amazing resource for displaying, organizing, analyzing, and parsing data. With a little bit of Excel magic, you can streamline your workflow and arrive at some a-ha moments from data insights.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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